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‘The Godfather’ fans bid on fake property in NYC metaverse

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It’s a digital offer they couldn’t turn down.

The FinTech Brothers trio removes their beloved, but often ridiculed, autonomous region from landfills into the future of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Staten Island MetaverseA virtual environment where they want to gain money, respect and power.

The Metaverse is becoming a minimal recreation of the island with some notable landmarks such as Staten Island Ferry and Snag Harbor Chinese Gardens, but the most anticipated property is the fictional Mafiadon House. ..

“People are already verbally bidding over $ 1,000 on Corleone’s house,” Todd Tabacco said of the famous Emerson Hill house featured in The Godfather. It even comes with two thugs placed in front for protection.

“I’m definitely going to win it,” said Mario Romano, 56, who is ready to fork more than $ 2,000 for pretending property. “I’m buying for her sister. She’s a real godfather maniac.”

He needs to compete with WABC’s radio host Frank Morano. Frank Morano told the post that he would pay $ 3,500 for Pacino’s pad.

People are lined up to virtually buy a Corleone home from The Godfather.
Steve white
The Godfather House
Annie Welmiel

“I think this is a great way to own a unique property on Staten Island … even if it’s in effect,” Morano said.

Its actual counterpart was recently purchased in April 2020 for $ 1.23 million.

Todd and his brothers – John, the host of Newsmax’s Wise Guy, and Derek, a former guest of The Millionaire Matchmaker and Mobwives – will release the first version of the Metaverse by the end of summer. , Finally the whole NYC virtual reality.

Staten Island Metaverse
Includes notable landmarks like Staten Island Ferry.

Most of the Metaverse properties are currently featureless gray blocks based on the city’s tax map outline, typically running between $ 10 and $ 100. Refurbishment and decoration is up to the purchaser.

Todd and John said some people are already interested in buying their childhood homes on the island.

But why spend real money on a house made of 1s and 0s?

John said because it’s fun and people have big ego.

Staten Island Metaverse
The Metaverse is shaped to be the island’s minimal recreation.

“Snoop Dogg started Snoop Dogg and someone paid $ 450,000 for virtual properties Next to his house, “he said. “There is an element of FOMO. You will start seeing people go,’Someone just bought their house. What if they bought mine?” Parking lot at Staten Island There is a war between these Hatfields and McCoy over these hatfields. “

Staten Island, often referred to as the “Forgotten Autonomous Region,” tends to be the butt of many jokes. Former Saturday Night Live cast member and locally popular Pete Davidson once cracked. “I know that Staten Island is not all heroin or racist police officers. There are also stimulants and racist firefighters.”

The Metaverse graphics from 1982’s “Tron” won’t make Staten Island the next Silicon Valley, but Tabaccos will change the story around the house and map it as the center of innovation. I want it.

“Eric Adams is paying in cryptocurrency. He was speaking at a blockchain conference and approved a multi-million dollar grant to CUNY to help kids develop video games. “John said. Occupy Wall Street Despite being locked out of the securities industry. “There’s a lot of talk from the city hall about New York City being the world leader in technology. I think it’s pretty cool that Staten Island is doing that first.”

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