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The city spent $67M on a pool that’s closed and falling apart

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Back in 2008, New York City officials commissioned a pool worth $67 million as part of the Big Apple’s failed bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

Now that pool is falling apart.

Located in the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Aquatic Center, nearly three years ago it was said that emergency roof repairs would take “at least six weeks,” but remains closed to the public. The Parks and Recreation Department justifies the delay “because the moveable floor needs repair.”

At a city council oversight hearing last December, officials said they would reopen by January or February 2022. Suitable for diving and swimming.

Work on the floor began in September, Park Service websitethe Rebuild Tracker shows that the $500,000 project is only 10% complete.

Additionally, Parks spokesperson Dan Castanis said. City The department plans to reopen the pool around January 2023, and to close the pool for 12-18 months starting in the summer of 2024 to fully rebuild the roof along with the HVAC and dehumidification systems.

“We are committed to reopening this beloved facility to the community,” Castanis told the Post in a statement. Repairs are essential and must be carried out to ensure the safety of all for future use.”

“Once the pool floor project is complete, we plan to open the facility to the public until roof construction begins in the summer of 2024.”

Additional renovations and rebuilds will cost more than $11 million, according to Kastanis

This leaves many New Yorkers wondering if the resources used would be better spent elsewhere.

“Honestly, I don’t know what the city is doing,” said Alex Smith, who has lived in Williamsburg for five years. No wonder the subway is a disaster if you say you spent it.”

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