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The Biggest Gripe Real Estate Photographers Have with Sellers

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Annual “Rants and Raves” Survey real estate photographer It turns out that their biggest complaint is that the homeowner hasn’t cleaned up the property.

home jaba company that provides real estate photography in all 50 states, surveyed over 100 professional photographers and asked them what they love and dislike about their job.

Top of the list of “things professional photographers want every seller to do before a shoot” was organization.

Photographers get frustrated when the property they’re photographing is a mess when they arrive. Sometimes sellers try to keep things organized during a shoot, moving things from one room to the next as the photographer makes his way through the house.

A real estate photographer in Lakeland, Fla., added a good amount of time to the shoot, saying, “Moving a messy room like a chairlift from room to room disrupts the flow and slows down the process.” .

“A lot of sellers start getting ready when I arrive,” said the Chicago photographer. “They should know that the house should be ready when they arrive.”

The rants that remained on the list were issues related to clutter, such as removing toys and other objects, cleaning the house, fixing light bulbs, and clearing walkways and driveways (removing cars).

Under ‘Rave’, the photographers almost confirmed their ‘rant’ by saying that what they love most is a home that is ready to be photographed from the moment they arrive.

Austin’s photography pro says keeping the home “tidy and tidy” is a big help. A veteran photographer from Greenwood Village, Colorado, adds, “It’s the place to go when you get there. It’s a great place.”

Should I stay or should I go?

Photographers surveyed are divided on whether home sellers should stay on during a shoot. Some say they want it removed completely, but some photographers want the photographer within earshot for permission to make tweaks to improve the photo.

A HomeJab survey found that some photographers don’t want to be interrupted by questions, while others enjoy joking with sellers.

According to HomeJab CEO Joe Jesuele, the best approach is: Experts say the result is better photos. “

“Research shows time and time again that professional property photography can help you sell your home faster and for more money,” adds Jesuele.

“Most of the time (67%), professional real estate photographers work with sellers who are very supportive. It can be uncooperative.”

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