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Thalhimer plans seven-story apartment project across from The Diamond

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Rendering of a building that will rise near the intersection of Ellen Road and North Arthur Ashe Boulevard. ((((Image courtesy of Thalhimer Realty Partners).

Already looking to the retail project next door, aiming to win a development deal in the Diamond District across the street, there is a large multipurpose building right next to Arthur Ashe Boulevard.

Thalhimer Realty Partners plans a seven-story building on 1801 Ellen Road with 148 apartments and 15,000 square feet of commercial space.

The building occupies most of the 1.23 acre plot TRP purchased for $ 2 million earlier this year.. Scottswalk, also a retail and restaurant project also planned from TRP, will rise adjacent to 3002 and 3064 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd.

The Ellen Road building was added to the count of thousands of new apartments during Scotts Addition’s construction. In the first new development In recent years, the neighborhood has included clinic space, with 12,000 square feet reserved for such uses.

Jason Gillot, TRP principal, said he just felt the region needed it.

Scott’s Walk, also a TRP retail and restaurant project, is rendered from a future view of the new building.

“Obviously a lot of homes are online, and thankfully there are a lot of breweries, restaurants and coffee shops,” says Gillot. “But when I look around the neighborhood and ask,’Where are the basic medical services people need?’, It’s kind of non-existent, and for good reason. All of these people, I didn’t live here 10 years ago. I believe we need to increase access to healthcare in these fast-growing areas. “

The five-story apartment is located on a clinic space and a two-story 168-spot parking deck. Half of the 148 apartments have a research area, and TRP has made design decisions for that. 126 unit project in progress In 1508, Belleville St. Gillot stated that it was intended to accommodate tenants working from home.

“I think the market is saturated with small one-bedroom units. The way to distinguish between properties built in the pre-pandemic era and ours is to fully embrace (working from home) and people. Is to provide the space needed for. “He said.

“Providing a one-bedroom or two-bedroom alternative and setting a rent between these two traditional options gives employers more flexibility in choosing their lives and jobs. Just as you are learning to adapt to your workplace, so should your home. “

Of the 148 units, 119 will have one bedroom and the remaining 29 will have two bedrooms. 510 Architects is designing the 1801 Ellen Road project and Sekiv Solutions is an engineer.

Between Wawa and Diamond, the 1801 Ellen Road parcel sold for $ 2 million. ((((BizSense file photo).

According to the city ordinance, the building can be up to 5 stories high and wooden frames are allowed, according to Mr. Gillot. This is true for Ellen Road, as the bottom two levels are concrete. In recent years, the cost of timber has skyrocketed and some developers have opted for taller buildings made of other materials, but Mr. Gillot said the market is changing.

“If you don’t have concrete or steel, you can make it as high as you like, but the cost per unit is much higher,” he said. “Lumber has returned in the last 6 months, especially in the last 60 days. If cost is important, wooden buildings are still the most effective.”

Just south of Arthur Ashe Boulevard, TRP recently Started work on the novel Scotts AdditionAnother 7-story multipurpose project consisting of 272 apartments. The site is also across from Diamond, the focus of TRP’s greatest ambitions.

The company One of the three finalists In the city’s 67-acre Diamond District redevelopment project. The TRP team also includes a DC-based Republic Properties Corp... , Its work includes Washington Harbor.

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