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Texas ranch for sale might hold buried treasure if legends are true

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Palo Pinto County, Texas – If the legend is true, Texas ranches recently on the market may be hiding some reserves.

Palo Pinto County’s S & S Ranch is currently on the market, about 80 miles from Fort Worth and just minutes from the cliffs of Possum Kingdom Lake.

There are many ranch features that future buyers will want, such as multiple stock tanks, roads, barns, etc., but SamBassHollow may put this real estate list up.

According to a ranch press release, Sam Base Hollow has passed through 2,649 acres of land.

“This is where the famous train robbery and outlaw Sam Bass hides from the law,” the release said. “According to folklore, his money may be hidden somewhere in this valley. In recent years, the property has been used as a ranch.”

The legendary outlaw Sam Bass is said to have filled prizes from stagecoaches, trains and bank robbers in several areas, including Texas Hill Country.


In addition to the legend of Sam Base Hollow, it is also believed that the bus hid its loot in an old hollow tree about two miles west of Round Rock.

The bus is also linked to the legend of the treasure reserves of Bannet and Llano counties, as well as Packsaddle Mountain. Loan start leisure Report.

Burt Ladner Real Estate and Texas Ranchs Real Estate have released a list of 2,649 acres of Texas Ranch Minutes from the cliffs of Possum Kingdom Lake. (Altitude Digital)

KSAT contacted the marketing team representing the sale and was told that the ranch sells for $ 8,500 per acre. That’s just over $ 22.5 million.

“Within an hour and a half drive from Fort Worth and a few minutes to the lake, this land creates great opportunities for investors to develop or own,” said Demel Group’s representative Sam Demel and Bartradner.

“S & S Ranch is rich in history, featuring Palo Pinto’s highest points, lush grass, multiple tanks, and uninterrupted views from all directions,” says Demel.


But what if you find Sam Bass’s treasure on your new ranch?According to the finder keeper Texas law.


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