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Texas couple turning abandoned house into an Airbnb find collectibles

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Two homes were completed when 27-year-old Maggie and 31-year-old Matt McGaw purchased a home in Caddo Lake, Texas, presumed by the previous owner’s “precious collectibles and fine furnishings.” I had no idea it would be $25,000.one of the properties I left.

the first mcgose I purchased a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home for $350,000 in April with plans to turn it into an Airbnb. Later, they learned that the property next door was for sale.

“The front door of the house faces our Airbnb, and we didn’t want strangers to enter, so we decided to take the tour,” says Maggie. CNBC Make It.

Neighbors told me that the 2-bed, 2-bath house with a shed had been abandoned for over 20 years.It was sold fully furnished and Maggie DIY influencer flipping furnitureWhat I felt was a sign.

The couple purchased the property for just under $200,000 from a nonprofit donated by the previous owner.

“I couldn’t believe the house was still in such great condition. The original owner had left the lights on. Everything was in pristine condition,” Maggie said. “I felt like I was walking back in time and walking through a museum.”

Maggie shares details as they renovate and decorate On TikTok, she gives her followers a peek at some of the random finds in the house.

In July she clip It went viral and she and Matt found a boat and a lawn mower inside the shed.

Valuables the couple found in the home include a $1,600 painting and a dining table that sells for at least $10,000.

There were two sofas they planned to keep, and a full-size bedset made of solid tiger oak wood that Maggie said was worth over $15,000.

“We try to maintain it as much as possible so we can keep the house homely and beautiful for our guests,” she said. Because it’s the story behind it.”

The couple has cleaned the house thoroughly and plans to complete the renovations by this fall.

Future guests can choose to stay in the main building next door or book both. Previously abandoned homes are rented at discounted prices.

The couple said they were going to keep a lot of furniture in their abandoned house.

Maggie McGaw

In total, she estimates about 20 people can be accommodated between the two houses.

“I think it’s a great combination for those who want both, especially with waterfront access,” she adds. “We also use it as our vacation home.”

Purchase of abandoned property She and Matt can’t afford it right now, but she would like to buy more properties. It was an indescribable feeling to know who lived there and what kind of history there is,” she says.

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