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Terry Bradshaw Doubles The Price For His 744-Acre Oklahoma Ranch, Now Seeking $22.5 Million

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NFL great terry bradshaw is currently looking for someone to take over his 744 acres Oklahoma Ranch. He and his wife Tammy Bradshaw listed the property at his $22.5 million price tag, which includes the 8,600-square-foot main house and his eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two half-baths. Posted in

Located near the Oklahoma-Texas border, the E! reality show The Bradshaw Bunch. But in fact, he’s been trying to sell the property for some time after it was first listed in 2014 with an asking price of $10.8 million. That deal never materialized, and since Bradshaw listed the property at various times, it has always traded for prices from his $10 million to his $12 million. Now he’s giving it another try, but at a higher price that shows more optimism about current market conditions than indicated by previous listings.

Known as the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horse Ranch, this property is absolutely gorgeous and a dream come true for those who love horses and the great outdoors. Also, as the official listing indicates, the property’s main house is designed to please the outdoorsy lover.

“The 8,600-square-foot exquisite home is built in a rustic style with high ceilings throughout. With four oversized brick stone fireplaces, timber and tile floors, and wood paneling, the home is suitable for any style of interior. Good design.Underneath the roof, there are 6 spacious bedrooms and 8 baths.There is an outdoor patio that extends over nearly 1,000 square feet with a full kitchen, bar, fireplace, hot sauna, and fire pit. The perfect place for family and friends to watch the sunset.The expansive, spacious and comfortable floor plan not only provides seclusion and privacy for couples, but also multiple guests, large family gatherings, or corporate retreats and provide accommodation for recreational purposes.

In the back is a large pool and “a very large fenced stone kennel to allow room for the dogs to roam,” making it an ideal home for dog lovers as well. And, of course, the kennel reportedly comes with its own swimming pool.

A ranch has a main house, cow, horse, hay production facilities, and much more.

Despite these previous listings, Bradshaw said in a press statement that the current listing represents his acknowledgment that the past few years have been “inundated with requests to sell.” relatively) nearby Texas.

You can take a tour of the property with the man himself prominently featured in the Icon Global video below.

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