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Tenants forced out of Lahaina Crossroads Apartments; rent nearly doubling

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According to a letter from Kokua Realty LLC, Catherine (left) and Aaron Camaune are forced to leave home by June 30th. Couples and other tenants do not know where they are going. PC: Kehaulani Cerizo
Freeman Tam Lung, 79, from Maui, a tenant at Lahaina Crossroads Apartments, said he didn’t know what would happen next, but hopes he won’t be homeless. PC: Kehaulani Cerizo
According to the tenants, Lahaina Crossroad Apartments at 767 Luakini Street in Lahaina have notified the tenants of their move-out and the rent will almost double. PC: Kehaulani Cerizo

update: According to the Trust, 1515 South King LLC is no longer the owner of the property, despite the property tax records of the county listing the entity as the current owner as of April 27, 2022. There was not. Mawinau is trying to find an owner of an existing Lahaina Crossroads Apartment.

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Catherine Camaune, 71, has lived in Lahaina Crossroad Apartments for over 35 years.

She and her husband, Aaron Camaune, 60, are now being expelled from the complex, along with nearly 20 other families. Only a handful of them are fixed-income Kupuna.

“Tearing my life from under me is not what I planned,” she said.

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Kamaunus and other tenants said ownership of the Lahaina Crossroads apartment is driving them out to refurbish — and charge almost twice the rent. After all, the unit is located a few blocks of Mauka on Front Street, and outsiders are paying exorbitant prices to live in Hawaii, they said.

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“My husband is Hawaiian for Christ and he can’t even live on this island. People are greedy and hungry for money.”

Catherine Camaune lives in Lahaina

The 767 Luakini St. Complex is managed by Kokua Realty LLC. KokuaRealty LLC has sent a letter to Kamaunus stating that he must move out by June 30th.

According to tenants, one-bedroom rent for a 20-unit apartment with several two-bedroom units will range from about $ 1,220 to $ 2,200. Kamaunus lives on the 4th floor, and with gradual refurbishment, people are expelled from floor to floor.

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Due to low housing inventories on the west side, retirees, nurses, teachers and service industry workers at the Lahaina crossing are competing for space.

Freeman Tam Lung, 79, said he had lived at the Lahaina intersection for nearly 20 years and didn’t know what to do next.

“I have to be homeless then,” said Tam Lung.

He said he could move to Kentucky, where his son lives, but he wants to stay in his hometown of Lahaina.

“I was born here. I want to be buried here,” said Native Hawaiian Tam Lung.

Another resident, Steven K. Scott, 68, has lived in the complex for 14 years and said the Maui housing crisis has replaced the elderly.

“They have been kicked out so they can fix it and move it to $ 2,200, $ 2,250-we can’t afford it, just can’t afford it,” he said. ..

Aaron Camaune, who worked for the US military and Maui police, is now working as a caretaker to achieve his goals. He recently broke his shoulder, so his wife is helping him in a variety of jobs.

He said he felt expelled from Maui and asked why local politicians did nothing more to deal with the resource-limited island housing crisis.

“It’s crazy. There’s nothing I can do,” he said. “This is Hawaii. It’s all about tourism. Yeah, I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m frustrated – but it’s business.”

His wife, Catherine Camaune, said she was crying all the time.

“My husband is Hawaiian for Christ and he can’t even live on this island,” she said. “People are greedy and hungry for money.”

On Friday, Stan Franco, president of Stand Up Maui, a nonprofit advocate for affordable homes, said the situation at Lahaina Crossroads Apartments was “extremely disastrous.”

“Everyone is talking about building affordable homes, and here’s the real situation: what can we do to save this? Locals can stay home So what can we do? “He asked.

“You can’t take out or add inventory. It doesn’t make sense. It just exacerbates the problem for the locals,” Franco added. “For me, it’s just crazy.”

Rents skyrocketed in the first few months of the year, according to a report from the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization released last month. Maui seeing a 41% surge When asking for a price compared to the same period last year.

According to UHERO, the average price Craigslist post for Maui rental units in March 2021 was $ 1,850, but according to the March 2022 Craigslist rental post, it has risen to $ 2,600.

Thaddeus Marckesano, Kokua Realty Residential Real Estate Manager at Lahaina Crossroads Apartments, did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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