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Tenant blasts ‘extremely f–king rude’ email from real estate agent

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A disgruntled tenant shared his upset after receiving a “very rude” email from a real estate agent.

An email shared by the tenant on social media on Thursday was sent to warn rental owners that an inspection will take place between 9am and 12pm on Oct. 18.

The “extremely rude” part was that the agent asked for the tenant’s address prior to the scheduled visit and included some concerns.

“During our investigation, we noticed that the bedroom was messy, there was clothes on the floor, there was a spider web near the balcony door, and the bathroom and shower area could be cleaner,” part of the email said. I read

rude email
The real estate agent asked the tenant to clean the apartment before the owner’s inspection.

“I recommend putting the place in order, and you’d be better off passing it on to the owner.”

“It’s disgusting because this is our house,” said a tenant understood to be renting in Sydney.

as a rental owner legally permitted visit the property as long as they give at least 7 days written notice for each visit; request list You rubbed them the wrong way.

Hundreds of respondents agreed that the email was particularly offensive, especially given that it was the tenants who got in the way.

Some offered trivial suggestions on how the situation could be handled.

“If you canceled that morning saying ‘I have Covid-like symptoms’ and you still want to visit, all you have to do is cough when you get the chance,” read one reply.

rude email
A resident called the email “extremely disrespectful.”

Another said they always make sure the rental looks “live in” for inspection.

“I purposely leave some clothes on, which shows that the place is not always clean. He said it wasn’t about whether there were spider webs, but about making sure there was no physical damage to the property.

“This is a trifle**. Spider webs? Ridiculous. I like my spiders, they eat mozzies in the summer,” said another.

The tenant later shared an email that was sent back to the real estate agent, in which they firmly pointed out that they had not been informed that their recent visit was an inspection.

“Thank you for letting us know about your visit. We will make sure the property is in order for the owner to view,” the email began.

“The thing to keep in mind is that we are very busy people with a lot going on, so our apartments don’t always look like display houses, sometimes they look like we live in them. There is… at the time it was immaculate,” they wrote.

“Since this visit was called an evaluation and was not a formal inspection, no time was taken to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing.

“I attached it to the bottom of the original email to indicate that it was an assessment, not a test.

While some deemed the reply “too nice,” others acknowledged that the relationship between tenants and owners is often delicate and should be treated as such.

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