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Take the “Before” Tour of Our Malibu Beach House

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Now that I’m ready to dive into the Malibue Beach House remodeling, I’ve seen some “front” shots of my current home and felt it was a good time to answer some of the FAQs I got.From me you guys Share about renovation last month. So let’s get started! At first:

How did you find Malibu’s house?

We’ve answered this question in a Breathing Space email, so if you’re a subscriber, scroll down and enjoy the “previous” shot. In other cases, please try it. Sign up here?? The summary is as follows:

The story of Zuma Beach House began during the first few months of the pandemic, and our family was trapped in Austin’s home. As many distractions have been removed from our daily distractions, we have noticed that we are rethinking the choices we have made in our lives. Adam and I have been talking about building a villa on the beach for years, but it has always been a distant future situation.

However, the pandemic has brought a new level of flexibility. You no longer have to be in one place to function at work, school, or life.In addition, recently sold Studio space In downtown Austin, I was ready to dive into another project. Suddenly, we wondered why we weren’t actually doing this, which we had been talking about for years.

Instead of waiting for the vague future “someday”, can we now move toward a big dream?

Above: A photo of the MLS list when I first turned to my house in 2020

The next thing I learned was that I was searching online for real estate at the northern end of Malibu. We searched and found this 1950s bungalow listed on Redfin and we had a crazy floor plan that came back many times. There were some problems, but there were also views of the Pacific sunset, doors greeted by the sea breeze, citrus and avocado trees. When the seller received the price cut warning, we booked the flight and 48 hours later we went to see the house in person. The rest is history. (Actually, it took months of crazy and stressful work to get it to work, but I won’t go into details. The point is that I miraculously got a house.)

It was August 2020 and since then we have been working with architects. Doug BargeRethink the house and transform the floor plan into a space that better reflects our vision and is useful for the lives of our family.

Here’s a small video tour I made after spending my first summer at home …

Why Malibu? Do you have a family there?

No, Adam is from San Diego and I’m from Texas, but we’ve both lived in Austin for over 15 years, and (surprisingly) our family also lives mostly in Austin. But even before we knew each other, Adam and I both felt a draw to the West Coast. I remember the first time I visited LA when I was 18 years old. As my brother moved to Santa Monica, I spent a week exploring the city, feeling such a momentary connection, peace, and immediately “at home.”

For years after we got married, Adam and I spent more time together in Malibu.Everyone remembers This Malibu trip After returning to the archive? I think that was the beginning of my romance … and then Sherry Armistead House and Helen Henderson… We felt the connection between the surf vibes in northern Malibu and the nature-focused way of life. Surfing, farms and hiking trails are more important here than paparazzi. Great burrito locations, local grocery stores that make great smoothies, surf shops and more. We shop at local farm stalls and sit at night looking at the stars. The cell signal is terrible. It’s a kind of change from the “normal life” we’ve been longing for in the crazy busy pace of Austin’s life.

Above: The current home in the summer of 2022 after a basic “refresh” (mainly restyling and the discovery of IKEA) to go through the pre-renovation period.

Where is Malibu’s house?

As mentioned earlier, it is located at the northern end of Malibu, just north of Point Dumm, opposite Zuma Beach. There are several great beaches within walking distance or just a short drive away. When I’m there, I spend time on the beach every day. Walk in the morning, surf, and look for shells at low tide. To be honest, there aren’t many great restaurants around us, but it’s perfect for us as it creates a daily rhythm about cooking at home and often inviting friends to us.

What attracted you to your current home?

The current home is a ranch-style bungalow from the 1950s. There are some fascinating elements, but this house is really all about property. Located just below the acres overlooking Zuma Beach, there are towering palm trees and lush citrus and avocado trees. We are on a quiet street with a horse farm as our neighbor.There are some big problems in the current house May It discouraged previous buyers (and had to be considered carefully when buying a property).

One is a large utility pole smack dub in the center of the beach view. It’s definitely not ideal, but we’ve been working with the city to bury it underground. Almost two years later, we are very close … it took some tenacity and a lot of patience, but I know it’s worth it. Another problem is that the horizontal ceiling of the house is low and the floor plan is a bit strange (an additional result that is not well thought out), so even though it’s only 1400 square feet, somehow the guest gets lost. It feels like it is. When I first saw it in person, I remember lying down in bed that night thinking about how the floor plan could work. The answer was probably not possible. Not surprisingly, our plans include demonstrating and recreating most interior walls.

But one of the main “professionals” of the house is natural light. Despite the brown granite countertops and old floors, every photo I take has its own beauty. Being there feels like you’re naturally immersed indoors, which you certainly want to bring to a new version of your home.

What is included in the refurbishment?

Our genius architect Doug has found a way to maintain the original footprint of the current home and make it meaningful, but remake the interior room so that the layout works. We’ve also added a stunning 1,000-square-foot room (a large open kitchen with living space) and arched all ceilings to create an open and open atmosphere. The 600-square-foot guesthouse will maintain its footprint, but will be refurbished to transform it into a small but chic boutique hotel-style one-bedroom loft.

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