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‘Sultry, sexy’ Victorian ‘Goth Castle’ in Hudson, Wis., lists for $1.1 million

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Brooke Fleetwood already pink castle, a topical home in downtown Hudson. So when she next looked for a house to transform, she knew it had to have a strong theme.

“The pink house had a sparkle, a sparkle, a charm,” said Fleetwood, who works in the beauty business and does real estate on the side. I wanted stuff, sexy stuff, so my next goal was to create a goth house.”

Fleetwood seemed a perfect fit when it found a 1900 Queen Anne Victorian turret house a block off Main Street in downtown Hudson.

“It has hardwood floors. It has stained glass windows,” she said. “We have seven bedrooms. [several] stairs. A very pleasant old huge house. “

Fleetwood placed an offer on the home at 1031 Second Street on October 31, 2019.

dark and stormy

The home was already converted to an Airbnb when Fleetwood bought it, and she continues to operate it as such. Since the Super Bowl came to the Twin Cities in 2018, she’s been running Pink’s Castle as her Airbnb.

When it came to transforming her new purchase, Fleetwood created gorgeous custom pieces, including dining furniture with king and queen chairs.

“We designed all the furniture, mirrors, beds and end tables for the house,” she said. There are dark rooms that are seductive yet sexy, and every room is a different experience.”

While she developed unique rooms, Fleetwood maintained the original layout of the house while adding amenities. There was an area. The over 5,600-square-foot home with several hangout spaces allowed Airbnb renters to host large parties.

Fleetwood also made upgrades including installing new exterior siding, updating the cinema with cinema seating, and adding an outdoor pool and hot tub.

“It definitely helps rentals,” Fleetwood said.

new horizon

Now that Fleetwood has completed its transformation, it’s looking to the next step.

“I’m working on other projects,” said Fleetwood, who recently embarked on transforming a 22-acre hobby farm mansion in Afton into a “gram farm” Airbnb. Make them your destination. “

She listed the seven-bedroom, four-bathroom Goth Castle for $1.1 million.

Listing agent Jenni Martin said the next buyer has several options for how to use the space.

“If someone wants to do that, they can easily turn it back into a single-family home. But if someone wants to buy it as an investment opportunity, they can do that,” Martin said. Furniture is not included,” he added. It’s a list price, but if a buyer wants his Airbnb turnkey, he can buy one off sale for $100,000. “

Fleetwood said the house could easily be converted into rental housing.

“You could definitely split the house down the middle. There’s one kitchen on one side and the kitchen on the other, so it could be a duplex.” The possibilities are endless. Big. “

Fleetwood says the house will pay for itself if someone wants to keep it operating as an Airbnb.

“It’s a unique experience when people look for a unique stay for their bachelor party, bachelorette party, or family gathering,” she said.

And October is especially popular. “The biggest hit right now is renting for Halloween photo shoots and parties,” she said.

This October 31st, Goth Castle becomes a trick-or-treating destination. Because Halloween is the perfect holiday to welcome the community to the establishment, which has earned a reputation for its terrifying atmosphere.

“I don’t have that feeling, but some people say it’s creepy,” Fleetwood said.

JenniMartin ([email protected]; 651-600-0379) and Missy Germain ([email protected]; 715-808-1799) have $1.1 million. listing.

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