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Subdivision planned on wooded property at Muskegon Country Club

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Muskegon, Michigan – Muskegon Country Club proposes to build 39 homes overlooking a golf course near Lake Michigan.

The club plans to build a section of Lakeside dunes in the woodlands near the corners of Sherman Boulevard and Beach Street. This area is close to the city’s cruise park on Lake Michigan and within walking distance of Pelemarquette Beach.

The Muskegon City Commission will consider the planned unit development required for the project when the meeting takes place on Tuesday, July 12. The planning committee has previously approved the development with some necessary changes.

The Country Club also plans to build 25 rental cottages from Lakeshore Drive near the clubhouse. The proposal is not yet before the city council.

club I bought it last year According to the Red Water Collection of Grand Rapids.

The Lakeside Dunessite condo will be built on approximately 14 acres, which are now zoned homes.

“This development will benefit the region by further demonstrating Muskegon’s ability to successfully compete with other communities in the luxury housing market,” the owner wrote in a note to the city.

The design aims to preserve most of the wooded area, the owner writes.

Housing development is accessed via a driveway that extends from near the end of Sherman Boulevard to Beach Street near Knollwood Court, the drawing shows.

On June 16, the planning committee unanimously approved the plan, requesting the addition of a sidewalk to the east of Beach Street.

The club’s future plans include 11 short-term rental cottages west of the clubhouse near the corner of Cottage Grove and Lakeshore Drive. An additional 14 short-term rental units (duplex or fourplex) will be located east of the clubhouse away from the existing service road from Lakeshore Drive, opposite Windward Point’s future lakefront development site.

According to the information provided to the city, short-term cottages provide a place to stay not only for club guests outside the town, but also for guests attending events such as weddings at the club’s banquet hall. ..

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