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Stranger who moved into Chatham, Chicago home up for sale and refuses to leave says she was scammed

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Chicago-There’s an update to what a Chicago woman said A stranger moved to her house and refused to leave.

It was spoken by people all over the country. Now, community leaders are involved, and the woman who lives in the house shares her side of the story for the first time.

Activist Andrew Holmes and Chicago District 6 city council Roderick Sawyer sought an answer when they visited a home owned by Daniel Cruz.

Cruz made a national headline, saying that a stranger had moved to her property and refused to leave.

Holmes was indignant at the story. He immediately called reporter Samantha Chatman on our sister station WLS-TV and wanted to join.

“If I go on vacation and suddenly all the doors and locks change, that’s wrong. People got a way to buy a house. You don’t have the right to take someone home. I don’t. Care about who you are, “Holmes said.

It all started when Cruz brought her home to market a few weeks ago. Cruz said shortly afterwards, a phone call from her contractor told her that all the locks had been changed and that a stranger had moved inside.

Since this story was first airedCruz said she heard from people all over the country.

“Why do you think this story touched so many people?” Chatman asked.

“Because they know it can happen to anyone,” Cruz explained.

Cruz said she called the police when she learned that the woman had moved to her house. But officials said it was a civil issue because the woman offered her debt. Police introduced Cruz to the Eviction Court.

Cruz said she had never met a woman before and had never borrowed her. She believes the woman inside is a tort occupant.

Sawyer also saw the story and decided to participate. The house is in his ward.

“What we have to do is work with state law, our city partners, to make sure we have outlined the rights and responsibilities of the owners associated with the intruder. They are now law. It has more rights than the owner, “he said.

Sherlock and Holmes joined Cruz to get an answer. After knocking on the door, they said they saw another adult with the woman in question and a child, but no one wanted to go out and talk.

“It’s not just that we want them out on the street. We want to make sure they’re okay, but we want to rebalance the legitimate owners,” Sawyer said. Told.

After a while, a woman in the house called the police. The policeman arrived at the house.

After the policeman left, the woman inside invited Holmes. He stayed home for about 40 minutes.

Holmes persuaded the woman to call Chatman to explain what happened.

Her side of the story

The woman inside said she was a victim of fraud. She said she paid someone a prepayment of $ 3,000 to rent Chicago real estate each month.

She signed the loan and said she paid the person in cash. She said she couldn’t find or contact them now as to who owed her.

The woman inside said she wasn’t a bad guy, she wasn’t just breaking into someone’s house. She said she would eventually move, but she wouldn’t just “get up and leave” and wouldn’t go down the street after all.

The woman inside said that Cruz and her husband spoke to her only when they appeared to the police. Since then, she said they didn’t try to solve anything with her.

Cruz said it wasn’t true.

Pray for a solution

Cruz said she and her husband did everything they could to get the woman inside and solve something.

“My husband, he offered her $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 to move out. She basically laughed at his face and said she wanted $ 8,000, and she’s leaving.” Cruz said.

Cruz said he couldn’t give such money to anyone who had never been a tenant.

“To be honest, I’m really angry to know she’s still there,” she said.

Not only was the peasant eviction court stalled, Cruz said she and her husband couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer. So they are praying that the woman will leave soon.

The woman who lives in the house said she was happy to meet Holmes and Sawyer to solve something. They were looking forward to seeing her and said she wanted to help her relocate.

The woman inside said she didn’t want to make local news, let alone national, and she just wanted to do it in this situation.

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