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‘Stranger Things’ Creel House for is up for sale—take a look inside

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one’s home 906 E 2nd Avenue in Rome, Georgiaalso known as Creel House. “Stranger Things” Season 4 is back on the market. The 7-bedroom, 7-bathroom, 6,000-square-foot home is currently on sale for $1.5 million.

The house was the star of the latest installment of Netflix’s hit show. This is where the main villain, Vecna, makes her lair.

Now owners and husband and wife Shane Fatland, 37, and Brian Schreier, 39, purchased the property for $350,000 in 2019 and spent over $500,000 renovating the home. has been restored to its original Victorian glory with a modern twist.

“The house is huge. Photos don’t show the true scale of the house,” says Schreier. Said.

Schreier is a human resources business partner at Tyson Foods and Fatland is a general contractor and designer.

“I was overwhelmed when I first saw it, but I knew immediately that I wanted to take on another project,” added Fatland.

Fatland told CNBC Make It that given his expertise, he is excited to take a hands-on approach to the renovation.

The couple renovated the house and left many of the original details, including the moldings.

Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate

The house was built in 1882 and retains many of its original details, including intricate handcrafted built-in bookcases, cabinets, and large layered moldings.

It also features an antique wall safe and a unique cast iron urinal.

This 140-year-old home has a modern twist. The remodeled kitchen features all new appliances, custom cabinetry, and a 15 foot island covered in black marble.

“What we sometimes hate is our labor of love,” said Schreier. It can be overwhelming, but you have to dive in and take small steps.”

The property also has the same Gothic guest house behind the main house. According to the listing, it has a living room, two or three bedrooms, a kitchen and a renovated bathroom.

The couple stayed in a guesthouse while Netflix filmed “Stranger Things” at their main home.

Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate

Fatland and Schreier moved into the house in July 2019, and a location scout stopped by the house in October of the same year to ask if they would accept to shoot at the property.

The couple told CNBC Make It that they weren’t taking it seriously, but a location scout came around again and pitched the idea.

They said yes and the next day the Scouts returned with a crew. About a week later, Fatland and Schreier sat down to sign the dotted line.

At this point, the two didn’t yet know it was a scout from Netflix for Stranger Things.

About six months later, when details about the show began leaking online, the couple were told their home was being filmed for Season 4 of the show.

The kitchen in the house has been renovated to be more modern.

Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate

Fatland and Schreier signed an NDA so they couldn’t tell their friends and family the news.

The couple also told CNBC Make It that for the deal. They couldn’t disclose how Netflix compensated them for using their home.

“We had to keep our mouths shut and tell people that we couldn’t confirm or deny. When we were finally told that we were being filmed for Stranger Things, we weren’t sure what to expect from the show.” We were crazy because we were fans of ,” said Fatland.

The couple admitted they were initially worried about the wear and tear the production would cause on their home, but said staff went above and beyond to make sure nothing was damaged.

The couple said Netflix had been filming at home on and off for about 18 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, the couple lived in a guesthouse.

When season 4 premiered, Fatland and Schreier decided to honor the experience of watching the show alone at home and not being able to share their secrets.

“It was a surreal experience, it didn’t feel real at all,” Fatland said. “I was worried that surviving the filming process would ruin the show because we got to see it behind the scenes, but it didn’t. It was just as exciting to watch for a person.”

The home’s dining room was a major focus of Season 4 of Stranger Things.

Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate

Since the show premiered, the couple have become accustomed to welcoming fans outside their home who want to take pictures and playing Kate Bush’s “Run Up the Hill” to hear fans drive by.

With strong fan and community requests to turn the property into an inn, the duo decided it was time to sell the house to someone who wanted to do just that.

Fatland and Schreier would rather buy and restore another historic home in the area than assume the responsibility of running the B&B.

“When you own a home like this, it’s your home, but it also belongs to the community. It’s been there for 140 years and I hope it’s here for another 140 years.

“We want people to enjoy it as much as we do. I hope anyone who buys is ready because it won’t be easy, but people here deserves it.”

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