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Still-Flooded Out 33 Tehama Residents Sue Property Manager, Alleging Mismanagement and Dishonesty

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More than 50 people at beleaguered SoMa skyscraper 33 Tehama after four months of ordeal with the building being flooded (twice!), alternative hotel accommodations being abruptly canceled, and contractors stealing many of their possessions. of tenants are suing the property manager. Hines.

On June 3rd of this year, the water main on the top floor of the 38-story luxury condominium 33 Tehama South of Market broke. Flood a building with 20,000 gallons of water, forced the evacuation of all 383 units occupied. His Mr. Hines, the property manager of the building, appeared to be a good man by offering the tenant a hotel room for the duration of the repairs, but as the tenant told his SFist, the offer was more than a It took a few days to become visible in the short term. their hotel reservations had been canceled At the hotel because I had a meeting in town.

Other agreements with tenants may have been signed since then, but it’s clear that many are unhappy.

Tenants’ return deadlines have been extended many times, and they won’t be able to return to the apartments until “early 2023,” according to the management company.Add to this the dissatisfaction with the hotel’s assistance now completely cut off, re-flooded area In August, residents complained: Contractor was seen on video stealing items from their empty house.

Now this is all over in court, where you might have guessed. San Francisco Superior Court, that is, The SF Business Times reported on Sundayand the Chronicle quickly confirmed that more than 50 residents of 33 Tehama suing property manager Hines throughout the runaround.

In an interview with The Chronicle, plaintiffs’ attorney Najee Fahimi said, “The tenants were promised this magnificent building, but instead they were in a complete nightmare.” It hit me hard.”

The lawsuit alleges that Hines knew of the plumbing problem well before the June 3 floods and failed to keep promises of reimbursement for lodging expenses. , which is clearly what the plaintiff is seeking.

Although we call the building a ‘luxury apartment’, nearly 140 residents were tenants with below market rents.

Hines spokesperson Marisa Monte told Chronicle: During these unfortunate and unexpected events. “

District Supervisor Matt Dorsey said, “The flooding at 33 Tehama in June was just the beginning of a cascade of debacles that continue to cause hardship and uncertainty for residents. believes it is the right next step in righting the wrongs that have arisen from this debacle, and we are confident that the San Francisco Superior Court will ensure justice is done.”

of 33 Tehama Homepage At the top of the site it says you can get ‘latest updates’ via a ’24/7 hotline’, but as if all is well at this place, ‘Lease Now button is still there.

Hines is the property manager, but the building was designed by Miami-based Arquitectonica.The same company proposed floating cube top tower As it was in the news last week, 33 Tehama’s current structural turmoil may affect the approval process for that structure.

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Image: SFist, Courtesy 33 Tehama Tenants

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