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St. Louis ‘nuisance’ property under cease-and-desist order, another scheduled for hearing

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ST. Louis (KMOV)-St. Louis city officials confirmed in News 4 that two properties that neighbors call annoying properties are facing action from the city.

According to city councilman Anne Schweizer in District 13, the residence in 5000 blocks of South Grand Boulevard near Walsh Street has been investigated by police and ordered to cease and desist.

Cease and desist basically tells real estate owners to stop the turmoil in the neighborhood.

Neighbors wishing to remain anonymous told News 4 that the shootings taken with the camera last November came from residents of a real estate property on Grand Avenue, which they call annoying.

Metropolitan police in St. Louis confirmed in News 4 that at least 13 service requests have been made in homes over the past two years.

LanowPartnership LLC is listed as the owner of the property. News 4 went to the address listed for comments from the company, but no one was there. The address seems to be vacant, and another company once occupied the building. The Missouri Secretary of State’s website provided the address of Jefferson City for the property.

According to city officials, the Grand Motel in North Grand Boulevard, North City, is hosting a nuisance property conference with the city of St. Louis in July.

SLMPD call logs show that police have answered the address 129 times in the last two years. The property owner declined the request for comment in News 4.

The Jeff Vander Lou Neighborhood Association is holding a property meeting on Saturday at 11:00 am at 1523 WebsterAve.

Curtis Lamm lives less than 1.6 km (1 mile) from annoying properties on Walsh Street and South Grand Boulevard. He told News 4 that he and his neighbors were successful in getting rid of annoying neighbors in his area.

“We personally photographed what we saw,” Ram said. “So we didn’t necessarily approach them in each case. But when the property manager came, or when we saw them, we had a video, we Had a photo. Then they found a lot of things there and were able to kick him out. You keep talking to the police and making sure you document. .. And it gives the person a kind of incentive to move on. The problems that normally occur here are gone. Here, a year and a half (probably two years) wasn’t a big concern. . “

The mayor’s office sent News 4 the following statement regarding the annoying property:

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