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Sprawling new east-side development planned for blend of commercial, residential use – SiouxFalls.Business

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June 20, 2022

The 180-acre site, once home to a car demolition yard, is being transformed into a large-scale eastern development.

The area north of Arrowhead Parkway and east of Six Mile Road is Signature Cos. Owned by, preparing for a mix of apartments, single-family homes and commercial development.

Called Willows Edge – not far from the Willow Run Golf Course – “Everything is graded and is currently working on a particular parcel, introducing utilities and actually triggering in many residential units. “Owner Clint Ackerman said. ..

“It’s really working. There’s a lot to go there.”

At one point, the area was the Earnts Wreck King, a salvage yard for auto parts. In the late 2000s, Twin Cities developers submitted a property plan, but it never happened.

The Signature concept calls for commercial development along the Arrowhead Parkway. Probably a mix of offices, retail stores and restaurants.

His own headquarters will also be part of the project.

“We are growing and expanding, so we plan to expand from 11,000 to 12,000 square feet,” he said.

Willows Edge Commons, the first part of development, is already on track. It will be built in stages, including traditional town home style apartments and will be built by the end of the year.

According to Signature’s financial broker Zach Jacobsen, about 30 acres have been designated for commercial use.

“I feel that one block, especially at the corner of Arrowhead and East 10, is suitable for convenience stores, so I have issued a LOI and are waiting for a purchase contract,” he said. “And along Arrowhead, south of the stream, there’s a large four-story apartment building with a new office there. I hope it arrives by this time next year.”

According to Jacobsen, there is a full-service restaurant at the southeastern end of the property and ample space for a variety of other uses.

“We have a lot of features out there,” he said. “For now, it’s a kind of blank slate. If someone wants to leave a bigger office complex or restaurant, there’s a lot of exposure along the arrowhead.”

There will also be multi-tenant retail centers and potentially child care centers.

“It will really help people,” Jacobsen said. “The area needs restaurants and shopping, and it’s great to be very close to Dolly (Farm Village).”

The next phase of housing development includes 140 traditional apartments, 117 rental townhouse complexes, 40-50 townhouses, 10-15 villas and about 50 new single-family homes. there is a possibility. Willows Edge is located in the Brandon Valley School District.

According to Jacobsen, homes are “carrier homes” and prices are likely to be between $ 300,000 and $ 400,000.

“That’s our niche. We go where there is demand,” he said. “As everything moves, I think we will see more demand there. It will be sought after.”

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