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South of Atlanta, massive swath of land sells for 1,000+ more homes

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Arizona-based developers have purchased enough suburban land to fit nearly 24 Centennial Olympic Parks, hoping to take advantage of Atlanta Metro’s continued growth and additional housing demand.

Walton Global, a real estate investment and land wealth management company, has closed on 517 acres outside Peachtree City in Sharpsburg and Coweta County, southwest of Atlanta.Other nearby places that the Atlantans may have heard are: Newnan (West side) and Senoia (southeast side) the walking dead Wood berries.

Walton officials say they plan to build more than 1,000 single-family homes in the property. It’s called Adamson and will become a master plan community in the coming years.

Between Newnan and Senoia, where Sharpsburg is clearly located. Google map

As Walton officials pointed out in a Friday acquisition announcement, Metro Atlanta properties are within 50 minutes of downtown or within 20 minutes of a “strong job concentration” in both Newnan and Peachtree City. The communal facility requires a “master amenity center” with a park, playground, promenade, clubhouse and pool.

“This place is the best place for everything the region offers,” said Michael Beards, land manager for Georgia and Tennessee at Walton Global, in a prepared statement. increase. “When looking for land within this MSA, Adamson Real Estate also supports locals and out-of-state buyers who are keenly interested in finding a home in this growing area of ​​the Atlanta area. I felt that. “

The 517-acre plot in question, just southwest of Peachtree City. Courtesy of Walton Global

This isn’t the only recent bet on Metro Atlanta where the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred. Supercharging Housing demand in the suburban market, especially due to new products.

Walton sold earlier this year in Paulding County, Dallas land To homebuilders expected to bring about 650 homes to the northwestern market in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, in nearby Dallas, Artisan Built Communities are building a larger project. Nature Walk at Seven Hills, Between Marietta and Acworth. This will eventually include 1,400 residential lands, with two water parks as part of the amenities, spanning a whopping 1,500 acres.

And as another example, at Hoskton, about 35 miles northeast of the Interstate 285 border, Twin Lakes Community When completed, 2,600 homes will appear. This will be one of the largest new home developments in Metro Atlanta in the last decade, large enough to nearly double the population of the surrounding area.

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