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Skyline Tower Condo Owners Complain to Attorney General

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Chris Jiashu Xu and the Skyline Tower

Living in Queens’ tallest condo wasn’t what some unit owners expected.

Ninety buyers, less than one in five unit owners, filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office this summer against Chris Jiashu Xu’s Skyline Tower in Long Island City.

In a July 13 complaint obtained by real, The owners have raised questions about the marketing, management and construction of the 802-unit building, raising questions about its sale and financial disclosures.

The 67-storey luxury tower at 3 Court Square 10 digits sold outsumming up Xu’s predicted sales volume, $1.1 billionThe complaint alleges that broker Modern Spaces, the sponsor’s sales and marketing agent, exaggerated the building’s success on a local website. Rapid sales create a sense of urgency and can inspire confidence among prospects.

In an article published by QNS.com on December 31, 2021, Modern Spaces CEO Eric Benaim said Skyline will sold nearly 60 percent of its units, and was the city’s “best-selling luxury building” that year. However, according to the complaint, the project’s year-end financial statements showed that only 339 units, or about 42%, were sold.

Benaim said his 60% figure includes units under contract.

The December 13, 2021 amendment to the building delivery plan also stated that as of November 1, 366 units had been sold. The complaint asks why that number had dropped to 339 as of December 31.

“We question the number of units actually sold because it impacts the actual operating expenses paid by unit owners,” the complaint states. “How can you expect the Condo Commission to properly manage payments if they cannot track units sold with official documents?”

Benaim referred questions about the building’s finances to the project sponsor’s attorney, Adam Kriegstein.

Kriegstein said in a statement: “We, along with our client and sales team, are extremely proud of this project and are proud that our sponsor has always acted with integrity and fully complied with the Attorney General’s rules. is maintained.

Attorneys noted that the owners of the units involved were granted full access to the condominium’s books and records and had reviewed them. We welcome the opportunity,” Kriegstein added.

As of August 18, the first time in about four years Sales start in the tower, 509 out of 802 units I was selling.

The complaint also states that the right to organize for “same wages, health care, job security, safety training, opportunities for advancement, and decent retirement as given to more than 35,000 building service workers throughout New York City.” I have raised concerns about the handbills circulated by the building staff.

Skyline is suffering from construction problems, according to the complaint. Delays in repairing a freight elevator, delays in soundproofing a machine room, and his list of punches that remain unfinished 120 days after closing.

Complaints listed in Complaints will also appear in Google Reviews for the building. Users have submitted complaints for structural defects, flooding, and lack of amenities.

Contract signings at Skyline slowed to just 35 in 2020 before bouncing back to 186 last year. This year he has 116 signed as of August.

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