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Should I sell my house now or wait until 2023?

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Abnormal market conditions and dire forecasts by some economists have left many homeowners questioning. Should you sell your home now or wait until 2023?

Homeowners who typically list their homes in the spring can take advantage of higher buyer demand. In 2022, the National Association of Realtors will Mid April As a perfect week to sell a house.But most economists believe affordability pressures are on the rise mortgage interest rate Demand will continue to be subdued and prices are likely to fall in many markets in 2023. So if you’re ready to sell, some experts argue that now is a better time than next year.

Let’s dig a little deeper into whether now is the right time to sell your home and the factors to consider when making your decision.

Why you should list your home now

The timing isn’t perfect, but it can get worse

The best times to sell are usually when buyer demand is high and interest rates and inventories are low. This ideal combination of factors was for a hot-selling market in 2021, but things have changed since then. December home loan interest rate moderate interest rate hikes Fed says 30-year fixed rate still hovering around 6.5%.

High mortgage rates combined with fears of a recession are keeping many home buyers out of the market. Basically, the best time to sell has already passed and many believe that the situation for sellers is headed for the worse. “It is unlikely that sales will improve in any meaningful way during 2023,” he said. Dave MeyerVice President of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets, Real estate in numbers.

Federal fund rate still rising

Say, “If you have to sell your house, do it now.” Armstead JonesStrategic Real Estate Advisor real estate bee“Mortgage rates won’t go down, they can actually go up. The important thing to remember is that once you sell your home, you have to find the next one to buy.”Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve has indicated that rate hikes will continue, albeit less sharply, with mortgage rates tending to track those of the Federal Fund.

The good news is that home values ​​have skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic, so selling now is likely a wise financial decision. “Even in today’s market, people can make big profits selling their homes,” says Meyer.

Most economists believe prices will fall

Higher mortgage rates not only make new mortgage payments more affordable, they also keep many would-be buyers out of the market. Low demand means less competition for your home, which impacts the sale price you can reasonably expect to be able to achieve. If these effects are far-reaching, when will the housing market crash?

economist wells fargo, capital economics, goldman sachs, and many others believe home prices will start to fall in 2023.Some experts predict prices could fall if recession hits full swing as much as 30% In a highly overrated market.even the more optimistic expect the market to change benefit the buyer. If you’re looking to sell next year, the housing market forecasts suggest that selling now could result in a higher price.

Why You Should Wait to Sell Your Home

you are trading up for a bigger house

“If you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger home, this is a tough market. Yes,” says Meyer. If the monthly mortgage payments for a larger home are out of your reach, you may have to stay a little longer.

No rush to sell

“Two years from now will be a good time to sell. Markets and inflation will be resolved,” says Jones.Many economists believe that house prices are Recovery by 2025Mortgage rates are likely to drop by then as well, allowing you to afford a new home.


For most homeowners, now is a better time to sell than 2023. This is especially true if you live in a market that has risen rapidly in recent years. Realtors can help you understand price trends in your area, along with available inventory and demand. Waiting until spring may not be a bad idea in a market where prices are expected to stay flat or rise. But if we can wait until 2025, we might get even better results.

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