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Shhh… Finding Quiet in a Noisy City

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Almost all buyers and borrowers of luxury high-rise condominiums and apartments ask the same question: do they hear their neighbors?

Douglas Elliman realtor Jessica Peters sells condos at 575 Force. Avenue on the Park Slope in Brooklyn.

Most luxurious buildings in New York City are made of concrete, with high insulation between the floors and high quality windows and walls between the units, says Morris Adjmi, chief architect of Morris Adjmi Architects in New York.

“It’s always important to think about the environment around the building and how to design it to be a quiet, comfortable and peaceful place away from the noisy city,” Adjmi said.

Soundproofing units may be the most important way to be quiet, but architects and developers have also designed quiet gardens, meditation rooms, soundproof workspaces, and music rooms as an escape from the noisy urban space. doing.

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“Recently, a roommate who was trying to share a two-bedroom home decided to truly test the noise level,” said Chris Wendell, director of leasing and marketing for Magnolia Dumbo in Brooklyn. “Half of the pair went to a vacant apartment next to the model’s dwelling, making a loud noise and yelling out of the neighbor’s voice.”

The building, like many other buildings in New York City, has a layer of gypsum board between each apartment and a double-glazed window with a layer of argon in between to attenuate the sound.

“Sorea was the first LEED Gold skyscraper to be built in the United States, which makes it a quiet, eco-friendly building with good insulation,” said Aaron Goed, Sales Director of The. I am saying. Solaire in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan. “For example, the entire exterior wall is sealed and caulked for insulation, so it is sound-insulating. Also, unique amenities are installed in the park against rocks imported from Catskill and from noise. For even greater protection. Inside, the design team used 33% more gypsum board to build the interior walls and double-glazed insulated windows, both of which are quiet homes. “

Zen garden and meditation room

While fitness centers and rooftop lounges can be noisy communal spaces, many luxury buildings provide occupants with quiet facilities. For example, the FÖRENA condo building is in what Adjmi calls the “hot zone” of a bustling district where you can feel enthusiastic. Adjmi designed the building around a Zen garden with an enclosure incorporating bamboo, wooden horizontal screens and large paving stones, which kept the space clean.

“The Zen Garden provides residents with space to reduce and block external noise from the hustle and bustle at the intersection of the village, Chelsea, Union Square and the Flatiron District. [in Manhattan]”Skyler Rhoten, FÖRENA’s sales manager, said. “The Zen Garden also immediately provides an environment where you can feel as if you were taken from the city to nature. With several seating areas and a lot of greenery, this space has a mind, body and soul. It provides a peaceful retreat and a perfect atmosphere for meditating. “

The closed space, which opens to the sky, is designed with multiple seating areas so that multiple people can use it while maintaining privacy.

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“FÖRENA is a small boutique building that makes it easier to ensure privacy, but we designed the front and yoke in Dumbo. It has an apartment and condo with a huge private park in the center. 750 It’s the development of the unit, “says Adjmi. “It’s like a giant terrarium in the middle of a building to escape the noisy and busy streets.”

The private meditation room provides even more peace.

Jason Hakim, Senior Development Project Manager at Avdoo & Partners, developer of St. Marks Place, said: Located in Boa Lamb Hill, Brooklyn. “Our two disposable meditation rooms allow for quiet rest and pondering opportunities, especially in today’s reality.

Residents of St. Marks Place especially like the fact that one person can use the room at a time instead of a shared room, Hakim said.

21 stories in Maverick Chelsea Condo Chelsea amenities include spa-like features such as an indoor pool, steam, sauna and massage room.

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“Maverick’s private meditation room features marble walls, stone floors and backlit Himalayan salt walls, creating a beautiful environment for rest and relaxation,” said Fredrick Elkrund of Eklund. I am saying. Gomess is teaming up with Douglas Elliman, who sells Maverick Chelsea. “In addition to this quiet private room, the building also has an on-call” spiritual concierge “to assist residents in meditation and other healing ceremonies. Having a meditation space is important for the buyer. Because it gives them private space outside their home, but right next to them where they can really concentrate without distractions. “

At 575 Force Avenue, you can also use your private yoga studio as a meditation space.

“The studio is designed for one person at a time and has its own entrance, so you don’t have to go through the fitness center,” says Peters. “The courtyard acts like a quiet private park for the inhabitants.”

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Soundproof space for relaxation and work

Music is not always quiet, but it has the ability to calm the soul. At 575 Force Avenue, residents can use the soundproof music room for a variety of activities such as podcast recording and video conferences.

“The music room has suspended ceilings and walls that are soundproof and ideal for acoustics,” Peters said. “There are microphones, drum sets and guitars in the room, and residents can bring their own instruments.”

Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, 378 West End Ave. Residents have access to a fully equipped acoustically designed music room and a recording studio with soundproof booths. The building also has a reading room connected to a quiet garden terrace, said Tim McCarthy, senior director of sales for the building.

378 West End Ave. Music Room and Recording Studio.

Williams NY

“It’s important to have a shelter and a quiet place to cleanse your mind,” McCarthy said. “Our amenity suites provide it through a space that acts as an extension of the house. Inside the building, in addition to your own home, your own quiet space and an escape route to spend your time alone. there is.”

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Soundproofing is very important for people and neighbors who use it in amenity spaces such as music rooms.

“As part of our entertainment facilities, we have a karaoke room that is separate from the music room,” said Hakim of Saint Marks Place. “It was our requirement to isolate and soundproof these rooms so that residents could freely use the space without disturbing other residents.”

At the Brooklyn Heights Key Tower, RAL Companies designed and developed that the gym and other potentially noisy equipment have additional soundproofing and the units are placed so that they do not share space with walls or floors. Vince Cangelosi, Managing Director of. Affiliate, condominium developer.

Inside view of Key Tower’s apartment in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Jason Puma

“We used a special muffling ceiling in the music room with a piano and a custom-designed wall panel system,” said Cangelosi. “We also created a quiet area next to the gym that can be used for stretching and yoga.”

Ideally, quiet spaces add to the comfort of the occupants, but 30 Kent St., a rental building in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint, has soundproof conference pods that occupants can use for work. ..

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30 Meet Pod on Kent Street.

30 Kent Street

“We are one of the first homes with ROOM conference pods commonly used in offices,” said Alyssa Brody, co-founder of the Development Marketing Team, a 30Kent St sales and marketing team. In particular, we have found that meeting rooms are the most commonly used amenities in other buildings, so we suggested adding these pods. “

According to Brody, the entire building has a very quiet ventilation system, and the pods also have soundproofing and monitors for video calls.

Whether you want to make music, focus on your work, or meditate, the most luxurious amenities available in the midst of a noisy city may be a quiet place.

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