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Shaker Heights enters preliminary agreement for mixed-use development of Van Aken District’s Qua site

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — The city has announced a preliminary agreement for a mixed-use development featuring 140 market-priced, affordable rental units on the site of the former Kur Buick-Pontiac dealership in the Van Aiken area.

These plans will be further discussed in the City Council’s working session following its regular meeting on Monday (August 22nd), which will begin at 7:00 pm at City Hall and will not only be attended in person but also www.shakeronline.com/livestream.

The proposal will purchase 2.4 acres of land from Columbus-based Metropolitan Holdings Limited. purchased by the city For $1 million in 2013, at the southeast corner of Farnsley and Warrensville Center roads near the entrance to Thornton Park, across from the first two phases of the Van Aiken redevelopment and Shaker Rocks climbing gym.

Original plans for 3393 Warrensville Center Road called for the 250,000 square foot building to house approximately 140 rental units, including market-priced and affordable apartment units, townhome-style rental units, and 18,000 rental units. Includes commercial/retail and office space above square feet.

Under the terms of the provisional contract, RDL ArchitectsIt has been the centerpiece of Shaker Heights for over a quarter of a century.

According to a press release from Metropolitan Holdings Limited and RDL released on Friday (August 19), the project will “merge urban and suburban design” and offer:

  • ‘Signature Corner’ with 1st floor retail and amenity spaces, 2nd floor office and 3 floors of multi-family housing on Warrensville Center Road
  • 5-Story Apartment Complex Facing Farnsley Road
  • 2.5 story townhouse style building facing Helen Road and complementing the surrounding single family homes
  • Parking lot Approximately 200 cars Almost inside the building

Shaker Heights Mayor David E. Weiss said: “It will revitalize an already popular destination, increase housing options within the district, and enhance and complement the Van Aken district as a whole.”

Weiss is press release Residents of the new complex will have easy access to RTA rail and bus routes, shopping, dining, banking and recreation.

“And while employing one of our top employers, RDL Architects, as the anchor for this project, the city will benefit from increased tax revenue,” Weiss added.

Weiss previously said the city would “robust responsein a request for proposal issued last year. City Legal Director William Ondrey Gruber will soon release additional information about the rest of his RFP responses.

Matt Beccacy, founder and CEO of Metropolitan Holdings, said in a press release:

“The ability to work with cities and RDL Architects Founder and President Ron Lloyd’s presence in a distinctive corner of real estate within the established Van Aiken District reflects our collective vision to foster smart urban development within Shaker Heights. It’s an opportunity to adjust. ”

After a “strategic acquisition” of Qua properties, it was primarily to avoid speculative real estate interests in Shaker’s “New Downtown” city. Partnered in 2015-16 Working with Cuyahoga County Land Bank and developer RMS Investment Corp. to demolish the existing building and prepare it for redevelopment.

After a failed reconstruction plan in 2016, the land has been abandoned since then. fresh market — The only remaining building from the former shopping plaza, now converted and upgraded into the market hall of the Van Aken District.

“RDL Architects has been working on Shaker Heights for over 25 years, and we look forward to the next 25+ years in our new office,” said Lloyd. “We are extremely grateful to have been selected as Metropolitan Holdings’ architectural partner for such a dynamic and impactful project for this community.”

work in progress

The initial contract signed by the City, Metropolitan Holdings and RDL Architects is an agreement to negotiate a binding contract for the development of this project.

The project is subject to local approval by the city’s Planning and Zoning Appeals Board, Building Review Board, and City Council.

Both parties seek mutually acceptable financing arrangements for the project. The Qua property is an existing community reinvestment area (CRAs), areas where tax cuts are allowed for commercial and residential development, and tax-increased financing districts.

The City and Development Team Principals will also work with the Shaker Heights City School District as project funding is developed and finalized, including any necessary school district approvals.

Weiss added that Phase 2 of the Van Aiken precinct development will see more than 225 new rental housing units built in a “dramatic 15- and 18-story structure” on the north side of Farnsley Road on Van Aiken Boulevard. said it will be Starting this month.

“With this continued growth of the Van Aken district, this project will benefit our community by creating jobs, increasing tax revenue, increasing property values ​​and providing an attractive, vibrant and inclusive gathering place. We look forward to the many benefits it will bring to our community,” Weiss added in the press release.

The City of Shaker Heights has created a web page for the project. www.shakeronline.com/3393-WCRThis page will be updated as the project progresses.

(This is a developing story and will be followed up in Monday’s report. [Aug. 22] City Council meetings and working sessions. )

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