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SF’s oldest home offered for $16,000 a month, with a catch

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The old farmhouse on 1111 Oak Street appears to have been dropped into the city from another world not far from the truth.

The bright white balconies and balconies of the colonial home overlook beautiful, well-maintained lawns and gardens, away from the hustle and bustle of Oak Street and the Divisa de Ro Corridor.

The cottage is considered to be the oldest surviving home in San Francisco and can now be rented as a commercial office rather than as a home. The interior has been remodeled over the years to provide 3,500 square feet of office space, but the exterior is more than 170 years old, a distant lakeside mansion across the city boundaries, long before sitting. Looks almost the same as. Located on one of San Francisco’s busiest streets.

It’s not easy to determine the source of a San Francisco building before 1906. Most of San Francisco’s property records were destroyed by earthquakes and fires, but a little digging reveals a house with a very long and unusual history. This is what we know.

The story of the house’s most romantic (and most recurring) origin tells about the Mexican-American War lover and former colonel Abner Phelps. Phelps is said to have shipped a house from New Orleans around Cape Horn to convince Louisiana’s young bride, Charlotte Roussel, to move to San Francisco with him.

The romantic plot clearly worked, with Phelps and his six children living for decades in a house in the heart of a 160-acre mansion at the foot of Buena Vista Park, a few blocks from its current location. I was there. The small hilly ranch had a 100-foot-deep lake “for boys dedicated to swimming and duck hunting.”

From behind Abner Phelps House, 1111 Oak Street, San Francisco

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A San Francisco Call Home Profile The lake reports that it tended to break the embankment on rainy days, and excitedly recalls the fate of its neighbors who lost their homes in the flood. “It’s a matter of history that his piano and his barrel of whiskey were discovered. On a mission.”

While living there and raising a family, Phelps worked as a lawyer in San Francisco, riding a horse every day from his home to a law firm in downtown Montgomery Street (probably the rider who first used him). I made it alone) Uighur).

A 1934 report However, inconsistent with the story of the origin of the house Louisiana, instead the house is said to have been built for Phelps by a San Francisco homebuilder using timber shipped from Maine. The house was built in Redwood, California, according to a late 1970s report based on wood analysis by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley.According to yet another San Francisco Examiner The house went up as early as 1846.

Many of these later discoveries, consistent with the designation of the house as a landmark in San Francisco in the 1970s, uncovered a more romantic horny story and appeared to be inconsistent. But when studying this story, An uncited 1907 article In an interview with the former family, the San Francisco Call said the house was “built in Louisiana, came around the horn, was all ready to stand, and was fixed to the ground.” The article also reveals that the house was long painted gray instead of white and was the hub of San Francisco society.

“There were horses going in and out with a crowd of gays. Every Sunday, a long table was unfolded for many guests, and few celebrities at the time were never under Phelps’ roof. It was Phelps. ”

No matter where the house comes from, the pre-1850 construction date makes the house the oldest in San Francisco. (As for the non-residential structure, the adobe walls of the Mission Dolores and the Presidio Officers Club both date back to the Spanish colonial era of 1776.) And I don’t know if the house moved from Louisiana or Maine, We know that when we arrived in San Francisco, we didn’t stay in one place for long.

Abner Phelps House, 1111 Oak Street, San Francisco

Abner Phelps House, 1111 Oak Street, San Francisco

Loop net

After the death of Abner Phelps in the 1890s, the city’s blocks expanded and invaded farms in the western half of the city, causing Phelps children to move their family homes a few blocks from their current Panhandle to their first numbered address. Did — 329 Divisa de Ro Street. In 1904, the brothers reportedly disassembled the house again and rebuilt it nearby, laying it sideways behind the plot and building a hut in Divisadero, managed by two Phelps sisters.

Surrounded by newly built shops and dwellings, the white cottage was not visible from any street. According to the San Francisco Examiner, it was only accessible from a 75-foot alley “large enough for two people to walk side by side.” House “A beautiful Abner Phelps house that most San Franciscans can’t find.”

(Interestingly, the entrance to the alley that once passed through the hut to the hidden family house in Phelps became the unmarked doorway in the same building, just to the left of the gamescape, at 333 Divisa de Ro. )

“It cost more than building a new home,” said Walter, son of Abner Phelps. Said to the call “But we want to keep the old place,” when moving the house from the street to the back parcel.

Interior Rendering of Abner Phelps House, 1111 Oak Street, San Francisco

Interior Rendering of Abner Phelps House, 1111 Oak Street, San Francisco

Loop net

George, the son of Abner, the last Phelps to live in the house, stayed there until his death in 1940.

Although not yet visible from the street, the house was purchased in 1969 by a real estate agent named David Finn. Perhaps not surprisingly, the house was relocated again in 1977. Almost a century later, this relocation allowed passers-by to see the house again.

Finn told the examiner in 1986 that he was facing south when he acquired the property, but after a Victorian man next to Oak Street moved to nearby Page Street, he turned his new home 180 degrees north. He said he had won 1111 oaks. Today’s address.

The entire 3,537-square-foot building is now available $ 54.48 / sq ft commercial rental per yearShake out to about $ 16,000 a month for what must be San Francisco’s most unique office space. In our number, a symbolic building that has moved more than four times.

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