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Serhant Launches Sales at Greentpoint Luxury Dev Huron

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Ryan Serhant and The Huron (Getty, Serhant)

Lifted on the stern railing, fingers pointing dramatically to the starboard horizon, clad in a sharp navy suit and white hat, Ryan Serhunt was ready to play captain.

Star Brokers was working on a packed cruise that gathered Wednesday night for the launch of Brooklyn’s newest luxury condominium project on the Greenpoint waterfront.

“I thought there was a better way than putting you on a boat!” Serhant said of his team’s plans to show off the development.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, they thought they were right.

Douglas Elliman and Agency Brokers took about 100 people on a night voyage across the East River with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline lit up by a late summer sunset.

After leaving 23rd Street, the boat’s programming focused on The Huron. The Huron is a 171-unit luxury condominium project in his two towers in the bustling Brooklyn neighborhood.

On board, guests were served aptly named drinks, such as the tequila-based The Huron and the vodka-based Greenpoint cocktail, while waiters roamed with hors d’oeuvres. Serhant flitted around the deck, hyping up the party and his brokers, and smiling at all the groups who wanted their picture taken.

After dark, the boat pulled up at 29 Huron Street for the main event. A light show was performed in front of the building to the tune of “Empire State of Mind” by Brooklyn native Jay-Z.

Developed by London-based Quadrum Global after acquiring an empty warehouse in 2014 for $45.5 million, the displays in this building were bright but not overwhelming. Morris Adjmi Architects designed the development. announced as the latest in explosive activity in your neighborhood.

The night on the water capped off with a finale, though officials may hope it doesn’t bode well for sales in the building.

The raffle of speakers got tense as Serhant read out the tickets he had won, only to find that the number of tickets in his bucket far exceeded the number of tickets that had been handed out. No winners were announced when the boat pulled up to dock, but miraculously, several winners appeared just before disembarking.

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