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‘Selling Sunset’ Realtor Reveals Ugly Side of Selling LA Houses

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  • Celebrity realtor Emma Hernan told insiders that her job wasn’t as attractive as “Selling Sunset.”
  • Hernan said he had to crawl into tight spaces, build gardens and run around for his customers.
  • As a real estate agent, CEO and Netflix star, she is accustomed to working up to 15 hours a day.

Working as a real estate agent in Los Angeles and selling real estate seems to be the world’s most fascinating job in the popular Netflix series Selling Sunset.

The show revolves around 12 women working for Oppenheim GroupFounded in 1889, now Jason Oppenheim..chic Member of the National Association of Realtors It’s filmed showing wealthy customers a multi-million dollar home, driving around in flashy cars, and eating out all day long.

However, Emma Ernan, one of the realtors working for the Oppenheim Group, told insiders in an interview that the job wasn’t as glamorous and attractive as viewers expected.

“What no one sees is that I’m crawling around a small space trying to see if the house is okay with the inspection,” Hernan said.

Despite being filmed in stylish clothes, Hernan said behind the scenes that he had to wear a helmet when attending a home inspection to help the construction team.

“The last property I listed needed to have the best look for staging, so we created a garden,” says Hernan. “I was telling them where to put the succulents.”

Selling sunset According to Hernan, it doesn’t show how many times a realtor actually watched it a day. She added that the actual amount of daily shows needs to be reduced, as not many fit in one episode.

In fact, the Oppenheim Group Member of the National Association of Realtors According to Hernan, she runs around Los Angeles, participates in a series of home visits, and meets customers.

“Imagine one of your agents changing the time if you schedule to see 10 homes a day and schedule every 30 minutes,” she said. “It’s a lot of work.”

Hernan often works 15 hours a day, as filming can last from 3 to 10 hours or more a day. She takes quite some time, but Hernan, who is also the CEO of her own plant-based food company, said she could focus on other tasks while she was filming.

“I cut off my butt to find my whereabouts today,” Hernan said. She added that her biggest real estate transaction took place at $ 15 million and $ 19 million. “I will definitely be a circus star in my juggling skills.”

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