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Seeking a ‘One-Bedroom With the Basics’ in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Which Would Be More Affordable?

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Christopher Ferraris and Charvi Magdaong started looking for a new home in 2020 with a modest list of criteria. So understated that their expectations might have seemed ridiculously low to someone who had never lived in New York City.

“I’ve spent almost my entire life in New York walking up, so the idea of ​​an elevator was such a luxury,” Ferraris said. “And I was thinking of a dishwasher and enough area to not get in the way of each other.”

Ferraris, 41, is a social worker and Magdaon, 36, works for an education technology company. When the pandemic hit, they shared his 400-square-foot rental home in the West Village with a large closet-like bedroom. The bed had him touching 3 of the 4 walls. Both of them are working from home, so the morning started with a business meeting.

“We were competing every day as to who could use the living room and who had to use the other room.

Even when Mr. Magdaon was lucky enough to sit on the couch that day, the cramped room hindered his productivity. “Our apartment was so small, I could hear Chris behind the phone,” he said.

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By September, the couple were engaged and decided to find a home with more space and fewer stairs. I just wanted a one bedroom with the basics. “

Mr. Magdaon’s office is in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and Mr. Ferraris is an adjunct instructor at the Columbia School of Social Work on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Since they were both planning to eventually return to their offices, they decided to target areas with easy access to the A or L trains.

The couple set a budget of up to $750,000, but put less emphasis on the price of the sticker than the monthly fee. I wasn’t there. After a 20% discount, they decided they could comfortably handle spending up to $3,300 a month in mortgages, taxes, and other additional charges.

Through a StreetEasy listing, they connected with Bond New York broker Michael Wohlfeld and began showing listings in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, and Lower Manhattan. The search took him over a year, but with the West Village lease not ending until January 2022, he knew he had time to think carefully. A total of 35 apartments were found.

“It’s been a long road as they got caught up in the coronavirus madness buying that ensued,” said Wohlfeld.

Among the one bedroom options:

Find out what happened next by answering the following two questions:

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