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See inside this spacious $350-a-month Manhattan studio

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This native New Yorker boasts the city’s greatest gift: an amazing apartment deal.

Indeed, a New York City resident named Akasha has lived in the borough her entire life and now kicks her feet up in a shockingly cheap unit.

Creator Caleb Simpson says, “We toured over 200 apartments in New York City and found the cheapest apartment officially.” viral profile Envy of lucky Manhattanites affordable pads(He previously made a video about a New Yorker living in a former mansion. coin laundry, ambulance and Penthouse.)

How cheap is $350 a month in New York? Very cheap, Simpson says. Latest Rental Market Report According to Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel, Manhattan’s median October rent was $4,009, down from the September median of $4,022.

Akasha’s family moved into the complex where she spent her life in the early 1990s. Akasha’s family was across the street from the current unit owned by her aunt and uncle. When her aunt moved, Akasha moved.

Akasha’s mother, a fan of The Simpson’s Home Tour series, reached out to the creators and told them they needed to create a home profile for their daughter.

Inside, the crib is tricked out with small space solutions.

Akasha in the kitchen.
Caleb Simpson/YouTube
Rent Control Apartment Manhattan Caleb Simpson
The bedroom part of the studio.
Caleb Simpson/YouTube
Rent Control Apartment Manhattan Caleb Simpson
Spacious bathroom with pink tiles.
Caleb Simpson/YouTube
Rent Control Apartment Manhattan Caleb Simpson
Akasha shows Simpson the closet.
Caleb Simpson/YouTube

Chairs are neatly arranged under the kitchen table, the closet has two clothes racks above and below, and a “book nook” next to the desk. Above and next to the full-size refrigerator is curtained storage that Akasha’s aunt and uncle installed during her 20 or so years in the unit. “A lot of this was inherited. It’s very helpful to me that there are people who have had to work here for a very long time.

“I used to live in this building all the time when I was a kid, and I used to joke that my bathroom was bigger than people’s apartments,” she said of her room with a pink-tiled bathtub. rice field.

Simpson says the kitchen has the energy of a backyard commercial kitchen thanks to stainless steel shelving and all the cups and plates hanging open and stacked. For Akasha, who is passionate about cooking, it is important that the small space remains functional.

Neither Akasha nor Simpson said in which part of Manhattan the unit would be located, but Simpson said it was “in a very popular and central location.”

Akasha’s rent is stolen late actress It has her beat for the cheapest rent a New Yorker has paid for a Manhattan pad in recent history.

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