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Scotland’s Vaila Island Listed at $2 Million – DIRT

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“I’m sick of this crowded city! All I have to do is move to a remote island in the Shetland Islands!”

Meet Vaira Island, one of only 16 inhabited islands in the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland, available for purchase for $2 million. Can you hear me remotely? is. From Vaira to the sub-Arctic main island it’s only 10 minutes by boat, but the Shetland Islands take him 12 hours by ferry from northern Scotland. look. remote. But anyway, who wants to leave Vaila when your new friend is a sheep!

Vaila currently has 200 purebred Shetland ewes grazing on approximately 142 acres. The island’s inhabitants are nicely housed in several buildings, including a three-bedroom farmhouse, a two-bedroom cottage, and an 18th-century watchtower. — and for the new landlord, a 17th-century castleted mansion. All of this is set on 757 acres of stunning scenery that includes 6.5 miles of coastline. A base on the nearby main island connects with accommodation including a parking lot, a jetty and a runway for boats.

People have been living here for thousands of years, probably because the island is mostly flat. From the 8th to the 9th century, Vikings settled and cultivated the Shetland Islands, and by about 1450 many Norwegian landowners held major fiefdoms on the islands. In 1576, the island now known as Vaira was leased by the Scots. Then in 1696 Old He was owned by James Mitchell who built a house known as the Hare.

By the late 19th century, Old Haa was transformed into a magnificent summer residence, now known as Vaira Hall. The current owner who purchased the island in 1993 has restored and updated the house into a comfortable home. The mansion now has his six bedrooms and his four bathrooms.

The Great Hall has a huge stone fireplace, stained-glass windows, and a gallery of bards. There is also a hidden door to the kitchen. Also on the first floor is the morning room, with another large fireplace, a conservatory with a splendid view of the clock tower, and a study within the circular bell tower. Up the stairs are his four bedrooms, including the main bedroom, where you’ll find a secret passageway to the tower bedroom with its stunning views. Two more bedrooms and a bathroom are on the top floor.

Outside, there are numerous walled gardens and two former kitchen gardens, along with rolling fields, craggy cliffs, and protected coves with boat landings. Perfect for caretakers, the small two-bedroom cottage has a modern glass-enclosed solarium, while the three-bedroom sea-view farmhouse has more unusual features. A byre (cattle barn) with a 42-foot sperm whale skeleton nearby. , known as Bonnie Dick, washed ashore in 2000.

As mentioned above, the area is rich in wildlife, including seabirds such as puffins, otters and killer whales. And of course, the region’s clear waters and lush natural landscapes abound with seafood.Interested in the lonely life of a shepherd? Riding a horn Luke French When Emma Dalglish at Savills.

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