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San Jose council approves Cambrian Village development

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After five years of planning, the quiet and largely empty West San Jose shopping center will be transformed into a vibrant urban village with over 400 homes, open spaces, hotels, and places to shop and eat.

On Tuesday night, the San Jose City Council voted unanimously to approve plans for a new Cambrian Village on the southeast corner of Union and Camden Avenues.

The 18-acre Cambrian Park Plaza shopping center iconic carousel signwill be redeveloped to include 428 residential units (50 of which will be affordable housing) and approximately 350,000 square feet of commercial space, including a 229-room hotel and assisted living center. There are also 4 acres of open space. Developer Kimco Realty plans to preserve the historic sign and move it to another location on the property.

The 428 homes are distributed throughout the urban village consisting of 305 apartments, 25 townhomes, 48 ​​single-family homes with 27 outbuildings, and 50 senior living apartments over a portion of commercial space will be The building will be six stories high and most of the parking will be underground.

“It’s huge,” said Pam Foley, an alderman representing the area. “It revitalizes a space that is a huge piece of land that has been inactive for a long time.

Cambrian Village is the second signature project approved by the council in recent months.The signature project is part of the city’s Urban Village Strategy and aims to foster development

Ten years ago, city officials identified 60 villages in urban San Jose.However, execution of strategy significantly underperformed the vision.

Foley, who was elected shortly after the first iteration of the project was submitted in 2017, said at the conference that the developer had listened to community feedback over the years and eventually developed a more family-friendly, bike-focused version. I said I’m back on the project I hit. And pedestrian travel, there is an underground car park.

The new Cambrian Village received tremendous support from the community on Tuesday night. Resident Greg Bunker, who also owns a commercial property down the street, said, “He will probably disappear as one of the most important things ever built in Cambrian Park.”

The number of affordable housing has also increased since the project’s conception. In a memo filed ahead of the meeting, Mayor Sam Ricardo, Deputy Mayor Chappie Jones, and City Councilors David Cohen, Raul Perales and Foley said they wanted Kymco Realty to offer affordable housing. requested to increase the number of , from 30 to 50.

This housing will be available to people earning 100% of the median income in the area. In Santa Clara County, $168,500 for a family of four.

“With major development opportunities like this signature project, the ability to develop affordable residential mixed-use projects across cities is what we really need and if we want to end this housing crisis. It’s what you’ll need for the next generation,” Perales said.

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