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Sale of 105 S. Forest Avenue in West Bend, currently home to West Bend Transit

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January 27, 2023 – West Bend, Wisconsin – Property sales records for January 2023 have been published, showing the following properties. 105 S. Forest Avenue East Water Street and East Water Street belonging to Jamela/Michigan LLC of Milwaukee have been sold. Buyer is listed as F Street West Bend, LLC.

Jamela/Michigan LLC of Milwaukee purchased the lot for $940,000 in July 2015. The sale he is dated January 17, 2023 and covers two parcels. Both he sold for $1,584,000. For clarity, the property was sold, not the business.

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Looking at the recent history of that parcel, there was a public hearing on September 7, 2021, when the West Bend Planning Commission considered changes to the proposed rezoning of the southeast and northeast corners of S. Forest Avenue and Water Street. I understand this.
One lot is a parking lot and the other is a parking lot. West Bend Transit Location, 105 S. Forest Avenue.

Plans for the post-rezoning lot have not been confirmed, but for the past 20 years, West Bend has worked with Gehl Co., Enger Kress, Amity Leather, West Bend Company, West Bend Brewery, Lynn’s Recycling, and the old West Bend Elevator.

Photos from when there was industry, courtesy I know you are from West Bend….

West Bend Elevator, Gehl Co, West Bend Transit
Photo from around 1955

The photo above is from circa 1955 and shows a vibrant industry with round-the-clock shifts at Gehl Co. and West Bend Company.

Old timers will recall that police had to be assigned to swing traffic on Highway 33 near the railroad tracks in the afternoon. Many of the factory shifts ended at the same time, causing traffic jams. Things got even more complicated when the train passed.

for the past two years, Old Gale property Water Street and Forest Avenue Marriott TownePlace Suites, Trails Edge Apartments When Water Street Suites.

Water Street Suites

West of the West Bend Transit, this area was previously designated an industrial zone but has been converted to mixed use for hotels, office space, and housing.

cast iron luxury living

The West Bend Company is now cast iron luxury living and Rivershore Regency. The old Lynn’s Recycling Auxiliary court apartmentEnger Kress and Amity have been converted into residential apartments.

of West Bend Brewery It was demolished to make way for condominiums.

In 2018 the Amish built these apartments in West Bend?

West Bend Transit
105 S. Forest Avenue

West Bend Transit, a commercial trucking company, is located across the street from the hotel, and the Trail’s Edge Development and Planning Commission has considered rezoning approximately 4.2 acres of land.

american commercial real estate

I called West Bend Transit and Ben Schloemer. At the time of issuance, the phone has not been returned. Early information suggests that Schloemer currently has a long-term lease on his West Bend Transit location.

Other than the language contained in the Planning Commission memorandum mentioned above, no details have been released regarding potential future developments.

West Bend Transit, rezoning
Looking South at 105 S. Forest Avenue, West Bend, WI

Below are the tax records for the property at 105 S. Forest Avenue.

WB Transit, Water Street

This is a work in progress story and more information will be posted as details become available.

As an aside, other real estate sales shows…

3650 W. Washington Street Sold for $700,000 on January 1, 2023. That lot is now home to Charcoal Grill. For clarity, the property was sold, not the business. The buyer is reportedly an “affiliate” of the restaurant.

723 South Main Street Sold on January 1, 2023 for $823,788. The lot owned by MJM West Bend, LLC dates back to Amity Apartments. Buyer is listed as JNG West Bend, LLC.

charter steel

cast iron

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