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Royal Palm Beach experiences renovations, new developments

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Royal Palm Beach, Florida — Residents of Royal Palm Beach are beginning to see the changing landscape with new developments and refurbishments.

Publix, located on the corner of Okeechboee and Royal Palm Beach boulevards, has been closed due to a makeover.

Village leaders and builders have made strategic plans for future growth.

The village reports a dramatic increase in housing and commercial development applications, but the amount of land available is limited.

TA Walker

Publix on Royal Palm Beach on Okechobi Boulevard and Crestwood Boulevard was demolished on June 11, 2022.

As a result, there was a wave of refurbishment of old homes and commercial establishments, such as Publix in The Crossroads shopping center.

The grocery store will expand space and upgrade equipment.

“It’s exciting. I’m excited when I resume what it looks like,” said shopper Karen Williams.

Meanwhile, some developers have proposed plans to move vertically by blending commercial and residential units together.

Therefore, the village council is urging developers to look to the land south of South Boulevard and consider a versatile social category to build the stores, restaurants, and housing units mentioned above. Tuttle Royale.

Tuttle Royale development at Royal Palm Beach

Dosrksy + Yue International

Tuttle Royale is a mixed-use development that includes offices, 150-room hotels, retail stores with 1,200 residential units, restaurants, recreational facilities, charter schools, clinics and wide-area parks.

However, some residents are worried that growth can be accompanied by more congestion.

“Does any of your growth worry about you?” Asked reporter Linny Spaul.

“Maybe a little. Even just driving in Wellington, my kids go to Wellington’s school. When I first moved to Wellington three years ago, the traffic went deeper into Wellington. I’m here, “Williams said. “More and more people are moving to this area. It’s a great place to live, but [there is more] congestion. “

Congestion is a major concern for the 40,000 inhabitants who call Royal Palm Beach their hometown, and the village is working with transportation planning agencies to find a solution.

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