Home News Retired Altria executive lists Varina estate with 9-acre pond for $4.3M

Retired Altria executive lists Varina estate with 9-acre pond for $4.3M

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A 7,300-square-foot home on 3535 Meadow Road is on the market for $ 4.3 million. ((((Image provision of CVRMLS).

One of the more expensive home listings on the local real estate market so far this year has emerged in the form of 38 acres of real estate with waterfront views near Sandston.

Listed on May 26 for $ 4.3 million, the site of the Evahard Pond is home to a 7,300-square-foot home and a nine-acre pond of the same name. The property is located on 3535 Meadow Road, north of Interstate 64 in eastern Henrico County.

You can find the list in Elaine Eberly in Allegiance Real Estate. The seller is Altria’s retired Anthony Owen, who said Everly would move out of state.

“We have some reservations,” Eberly added. “He loves it so much there.”

The house overlooks Evahard Pond, which occupies 9 acres of 38 acres of land.

Owen built a house in 2004 and bought the land for $ 230,000, Henrico’s real estate records show. The county valued the improved assets at $ 1 million.

Located about a mile east of the I-295 interchange, the property is secured by Evahard Pond, a rich fishing pond formed by spillways that Everly said was built in the late 1800s.

The pond is named after Robert Psalter Evahard. Everly not only built the spillway, but also served as the stationmaster of a nearby station, the Postmaster General, the owner of the country store, and the owner and operator of the mill. It will be displayed in the properties.

“It has a lot of history,” Everly said.

The house was designed and oriented to take advantage of the water views.

In addition to pond fishing and boating, the property offers hunting, hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. There is a shooting range on the mostly wooded grounds, and on the grounds near the house there are gazebos, patios, verandas and landscaping.

Designed by local architect Glenn German and built by Avent Homes, the three-story home has a total of 13,400 square feet of space, of which 7,300 square feet is considered living space. Everly says there are 5 bedrooms and 4½ bathrooms, all of which are arranged with a view of the pond.

“They spared no expense in bringing the best artists there,” she said, focusing on the work of the local mason Brent Leftwich. “They made every effort to make sure this was the home they would enjoy, and they have for years.”

The house also has two stone fireplaces, two laundry rooms, a bar room with a pool table, a garage for two and three cars, and a tall garage for storing RVs or boats.

The three-storey house was built by Avent Homes and designed by local architect Glenn German.

Everly said he had received some initial inquiries since the property went public just before the Memorial Day weekend.

The price tag on the list is one of the largest ever seen in the Richmond region so far this year. Windsor’s 12,500-square-foot home in James, western Henrico, April On the market for $ 4.2 million..

According to Everly, the asking price for Evahard Pond was determined based on the cost of building today’s homes with architects and architects, as well as other market and real estate considerations.

Gazebos and other equipment will be added to the home premises

“In addition to the pond, there are some other construction sites that offer waterside views, just trying to find out what the value of the house is because it can be duplicated,” she said. “This is comparable to some other facilities in Virginia and above and below the east coast, equipped with some of these same facilities.”

Everly, who was introduced to Owen by another client, said he plans to market the listing with a focus on executives moving to Richmond. She said the property could also appeal as an event venue.

“For every new business in the Richmond metropolitan area, I think some executives may fall in love with this,” she said. “Something away from the hustle and bustle of the city has its own private oasis, which is truly a jewel.

“It will also be a great corporate vacation, wedding venue,” she said. “There are so many different opportunities.”

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