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Residents mixed over 100% affordable housing plan Hale Waipu’ilani in S. Maui

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The proposed location of Kihei’s 100% Labor Housing Project Hale Waipu ʻilani is surrounded by red. PC: Alaula Builders

At least 12 opponents of the Hale Waipu’ilani 100% Labor Project proposal in Kihei pointed out flood and traffic concerns at an affordable housing committee meeting on the Maui County Council.

However, a few other residents, including the leader of affordable housing plans on Maui, say that 28 units of affordable projects are urgently needed, even if neighbors don’t want it in the backyard. Told.

According to county documents, another 400 Maui residents need to sign a petition by Kahului-based Alaula Builders and build a project.

The meeting on Monday was adjourned until 9 am on June 13.

Developed by Alaula Builders, Hale Waipu’ilani explores the county’s affordable housing process to create 28 units for sale on 1.53 acres of 16 E. Waipu’ilani Road surrounded by residential areas. I am.

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Under the county’s 2.97 Housing Workers Housing policy, developers can request tax exemptions or changes to the county code to quickly build 100% affordable projects.

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After receiving the application, the council has 60 days to decide the fate of the project.

Hale Waipu’ilani’s proposed homes range from one bedroom, 430 sq ft, to three bedrooms, 1,360 sq ft, and 2.5 bathrooms.

The building is on the foundation behind the piers and stormwater storage areas are created under and around the building. It also includes a parking lot for 59 cars.

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Eight units will be directed to 80% to 100% of Area Median Income, 14 units will be directed to 100% to 120% AMI, and 6 units will be sold to 120% to 140% AMI.

Developers during a meeting on Tuesday said they wanted affordable homes, but if that doesn’t work, they may need to consider alternatives. One option creates a home with 4 lots and up to 12 market prices out there. This requires a government review, but no public opinion.

“This plan doesn’t require community engagement, parliamentary approval, planning committee approval, or affordable housing,” said Vince Bagoyo, project’s lead consultant.

Many opponents of the project said during a meeting on Monday that they lived near the proposed project site and that it was suffering from a serious flood.

“I’m against this project because it violates my privacy, but I don’t think it will move you,” said neighbor Lloyd Johnson. “We’ve already heard that we’re a NIMBY gathering, not my backyard, but that’s not all.”

“This place is frequently flooded. As expected, real estate owners there have to trample the deep sea of ​​their ankles from home to car for several days after a seasonal heavy rain,” he adds. I did.

Mike Moran, chairman of the Kihei Community Association, said he supports developers and other projects they undertake, but not because of the flooded area. ..

“This isn’t perfect,” he said.

According to Vernon Karanikau, the area is part of a wetland, with water pools on the premises and waterways flowing under the premises.

“You will go two feet on the proposed project and hit the water, and we all know that the place will be flooded,” he said.

In response to the Commission’s question on these concerns, Doyle Betsill, president of Alaula Builder, said he built a parcel next to the project 10 to 15 years ago.

“As you know, we are surrounded by houses on all sides … There are some challenges in building in this area, but all of them are solved by ordinary construction techniques,” he says. I did.

“That is, groundwater is not a problem for us as far as construction is concerned,” Betsill added.

In a 2021 letter to applicants, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Authority has determined that the project site does not include U.S. waters, including U.S. wetlands and navigable bodies of water as defined in its regulations. Did.

Others, including Jeff Gilbreth, a Hawaiian community asset commissioned by the council to create a comprehensive and affordable housing plan for Maui County submitted to the council in 2021, testified in support of the project. did.

He said the project has been scrutinized and is part of the plan’s priority project list.

“It’s important to talk to the community. You will obviously weigh on transportation and the priorities of existing homeowners, and the real need for a family is somewhere to live on the island. I need it, “he said. “And you’ll continue to hear that affordable homes, not my backyard, are great.”

Alaula Builders is also working on a 100% workforce housing project Wailuku’s Quikahi Village When Hale Kaiora in North Kihei..40 families on Maui March lottery For Hale Kaiola, scheduled to open in September.

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