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Residence at 132 W. Main set to move forward in Boise, ID

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A new condo building in the old Boise district could quickly sprout.

The project at 132 W. Main St. near Broadway Ave. goes up to a grassy vacant lot between the Stage DotO building at 110 Main and the historic home on the corner of Main and 2nd St.

When the project first surfaced in 2018, the city of Boise put together an emergency ordinance enacted at a special conference and declared the area around the site a historic district. The city of Boise has moved to prevent action in an emergency after hearing that project developer Bill Hong wanted to destroy a house in the corner.Hong I told a member of the Idaho state legislature Destroying the building is the “last thing” he wanted. But he didn’t rule it out.

Eventually, as the Historical Preservation Ordinance came into force, Hong chose to apply for the construction of a new condominium in a vacant lot. The project, called The Residences at 132 Main, was first approved for design review in 2019. Shrink from the originally proposed form Reported in 2019.

New building for old

and Application form submitted at that timeHong said he would like to use the proceeds from the new condominium building to rehabilitate a historic home on the corner.

“This property has been in the family since 1931,” Hong wrote. “I want to make it very expensive
Quality using first-class building materials. Since I live there, I have a personal interest in the quality of the final product, which has a family name. To build such a quality structure, you need enough condominiums to make the project economically feasible. The more units you build, the lower the price per unit and the higher your profits.
It could be used to rehabilitate the 140W Main Street. 140W main needs an exterior
Refurbishment. It is expected to cost between $ 80 and $ 100,000 to do what is needed to maintain the structure. ”

Seven condo units will be sold in 132 Main Residences. The building is three stories high along the main street and has one walk-up entrance. The exterior features a sandstone facade and other upgraded finishes.

On the ground floor is one condo unit with a covered garage car park behind. The 2nd and 3rd floors each contain 3 condos. Each unit has a large and wonderful room and kitchen, a bedroom with a closet and bath, a second bedroom or a study.

The city of Boise issued a building permit for the project last month. That’s worth $ 3.1 million and you can work on your project.

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