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Renovated Miami House Revisits the 1970s – DIRT

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Ah, the 1970s. Who doesn’t remember them nostalgically? Even the kids of Generation Z and Generation Alpha are embarking on a retro swing in things with a revival of prairie dresses, rompers and flared pants. Sure, there were high gas prices, inflation, and rampant unemployment. But it was also a time when great disco hits, groundbreaking network TV comedies and movies stood the test of time.

The ’70s are fashionable again, and while there are no polyester leisure suits or pet rocks, it’s time to embrace the best of Me Decade at home: fun interior design, high-tech kitchens, and backyard pool parties. (but perhaps the best way is to key party And Qualude is behind! )

This recently renovated Miami compound Lucrecia Lindemann Dezer Platinum Realty features an all-stainless steel kitchen worthy of Gallop Gourmet, groovy pendant ball lighting, a funky spiral staircase, exposed beams under vaulted ceilings, and hangings that screamed 1975. It has a traditional fireplace and pièce de résistance. .

Set on a sprawling lot of nearly an acre, the 1970s pad sold in 2020 in over $1 million in hair-stricken condition. According to the current listing, the seller has spared considerable time and money to restore the place to its low profile.On the 4,400-square-foot lot, he has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and one bedroom. Powder has his room.

The fun begins in the main house. Here, Elton John wannabes can tickle their ivory with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ on the grand piano. Marble tiled floors electric slidethe living room opens onto the kitchen and is highlighted by the fireplace and large TV.

Naturally, the party continues in and around the completely redone freeform pool. Of course, there are also waterfalls. All decks surrounding the home are new and extend to the gorgeous outdoor kitchen and funky AF two story tiki hut ready for the ultimate boogie down all night long. Newly redesigned for fun and safety.

Whoever built this home in the 70’s must have known how to have fun. And now, refreshed for the new decade (and new century), residents and guests can experience the best of her decade in his 50s.

Ready? Crank it! Burn Baby, Burn! disco inferno!

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