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Red Rock Real Estate joins innovative, tech-powered Real Broker; why they made the move – St George News

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Contribution content — Red Rock Real Estate, the largest brokerage firm in southern Utah, has worked with Real Broker, a growing network of agents to build the future of real estate. This is why they did it.

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Red rock According to RealTrends, it is one of the top 100 largest independent brokerage firms in the United States. Along with Red Rock Property Management, which maintains a portfolio of more than 650 homes, and Red Rock Vacation Microsystems, which manages night rentals of more than 215 units, the company has grown, prospered and has the largest market share in southern Utah. I am.

Red Rock completed more than 2,800 transactions last year, totaling more than $ 1.5 billion and total commission revenue of $ 25 million. In light of their rapid growth, founder Matt Curtis and his partners Allen Holland and Adam Leg are brainstorming how to return part of their business to agents who helped build it. I started to do it.

Some ideas were discussed, such as small sales to top agents and sales to securities firms nationwide. However, none of these options have proven to be sufficient to support the Red Rock team. At that time, a pioneering planning workshop began.

In the fall of 2021, Curtis discovered Real Broker, a tech company that revolutionized real estate brokerage templates. Everything about their business model promises to enhance what is currently being offered to Red Rock agents, and partners unanimously agree that joining a real broker will bring substantial benefits to Red Rock as a whole. I agreed with.

“Our core values ​​are in line with them,” Curtis said. “This gives agents even more opportunities.”

Promotional images provided by: Red Rock Real Estate, St. George News

Real Broker creates the means for brokers and agents to build wealth and grow their business through revenue sharing, equity incentives and better commission splits.

When RedRock became part of RealBroker, their agents were immediately offered these benefits and the opportunity to own new shares through company matching. To date, Red Rock is the largest independent broker to join the real broker.

Curtis said the partnership with Real Brokers is the right move for Red Rock agents and the company will continue to prioritize their success.

“It gives our agents a real opportunity to become a brokerage firm owner and generate multiple sources of income,” he added. “By using the tools Real provides, we believe that agents will be able to better serve their clients and the market.”

Red Rock agents now have access to daily live training and education by proven top brokers, agents and industry influential people. Real Broker provides state-of-the-art technical tools to help agents manage transactions, become more efficient, and stay connected with the support community of over 5,000 real estate professionals in the United States and Canada.

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When Red Rock was founded in 2012, Curtis, Holland, and Legg set out to revolutionize the industry with leadership thinking. Today, their team of 40 brokers and more than 375 agents offers the region’s most comprehensive real estate experience.

Having built a great brand in southern Utah, RedRock’s leadership team is ready to expand the company nationwide. Being part of a real broker opens up these paths, Leg said. They have already started collaborating with teams from other states and there are many more areas to come.

“By using Real, we can reach new heights for our local brokerage firms,” ​​he added. “We want to continue to serve southern Utah while bringing our brand and expertise to other parts of the country.”

Red Rock is a group of real estate professionals representing buyers, sellers, real estate owners, and people of all disciplines who are considering investing in southern Utah. It does everything from vacant lots to luxury homes.

Find your agent, and perhaps your dream home, at RedRockRealEstate.com..

Written by ALEXAM ORGAN for St. George News.

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