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Recently demolished buildings in Incline Village had long history

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Ellen Toto and her sisters, Elfeda, Elaine, and Erie.

Incline Village, Nevada — In 1973, the building materials wholesaler Boise Cascade operated from a parcel adjacent to what is now known as the Pinebrook Homeowners Association. From there, the Incline Village parcels were sold.

Over the last 48 years, 869 Tahoe Boulevard has hosted the corporate Menagerie. Many years of locals may remember the strange perfect combination of two buildings that share the same address. There is a barber shop, a flooring and window shop, an ice cream shop, a toy store in one building, and a cafe next door.

Natural Grocers replaces Incline Village’s largest, all-wooden, laminated building.

Three buildings were recently demolished in preparation for the Natural Grocers in 2023.

In May, two local businesses completed the demolition of these iconic buildings. With the help of Battleborn Tree Service, Orsesse Construction demolished two of the oldest buildings in Incline Village and felled five trees in 2023 to give way to a natural grocery store. It will be one of the newest buildings in the community in nearly 35 years.

Tahoe’s longtime company, Cruz Construction, is currently preparing the site.

Incline Property Management has managed the tenants of these buildings for the past 15 years and has been responsible for the maintenance of almost the entire existence of the buildings.

“There used to be six buildings in the two plots that are now becoming Natural Grocers,” said Larry Wodarski, president of IPM. “There were three buildings on the Tahoe Bullbird front, three bungalows behind it, and a sales office for the former developer Boise Cascade,” said most of the Incline Village parcels first sold out. ..

Before the center was demolished, Rodeo Joes found a house in the nearby Rayleigh Center, Susie Scoop Ice Cream & Toy Shop moved to Starbucks Shopping Center, and Sewing Basin Flooring & Window Design was successful at Center Point. .. The Wildflower Cafe, owned by Ellen and George Toto, served its last customer on October 12, 2018 and closed the door.

Wildflower Cafe, a family-owned breakfast / lunch restaurant, has been the longest-running business without relocation. The Wildflower Café is a favorite of the locals who have captivated tourists, and has captivated even occasional celebrities like Leonard “Spock” Nimoy.

“We made it up, the family grew up, and we watched their children come and their children come,” Ellen Toto said. “Even tourists, we get to know them every year. They were families, employees were families, but they are still.”

Toto’s has maintained close relationships with past employees and customers.

Joe Knox, the owner and operator of a local hairdresser next to the Wildflower Cafe, was the restaurant’s regular breakfast and another iconic local company. Rodeo Joe lived and worked right next to the Toto family for over 30 years.

Before sharing space with Susie Scoop, Knox rented a building for his hairdresser and living quarters.

When the real estate office went out of business, Knox moved to Incline.

“So I rented it to a hairdresser,” Knox said. “I had an audience captured as the only barber in Incline. I worked and lived in this building for 47 years.”

Knox had a hairdresser, a bedroom, a bathroom and a fireplace all in one.

Knox later added a weight room for the Incline High School soccer team when he was a coach. With business in mind, we quickly expanded the old-fashioned quaint place. The addition of weight rooms has given way to a natural transition to a health club. Thinking outside the boundaries of the community, we added the first ice cream parlor in the area.

“We’ve added an ice cream parlor to our bet. Twenty-five years later, we sold it to Break Goldenberg,” Knox said.

Susie Scoops joined Rodeo Joe on behalf of the ice cream shop and pulled up Ante at the toy store.

“I don’t know how they did it. It was a strange combination, but it was very successful,” said Wodarski.

When asked about the move in December 2020, Susie Scoop owner Goldenberg said: The old place was old-fashioned and cozy. “

Ice cream shops and toy stores are currently located in a busy area right next to the main drug in Incline Village. The ice cream shop also offers locally made ice cream from Minden’s Hoch Diary, Boba drinks, doll whips and donuts on weekends. Like Rodeo Joe, they are always trying to find something new that the community wants. Their location is open until 9 pm daylight savings time starting in late June.

As construction workers paved the way for Incline Village’s new grocery store, Waddalski said, “Linda Offerdal, CEO of Incline Village Community and Business Association, is at the forefront of a sort of renaissance on the frontage road.” Said.

IVCBA is bringing together the support of new business owners to beautify the main street and strengthen the structure of the community.

“Therefore, there is no basis for concern about losing iconic long-standing local businesses like Susie Scoop and Rodeo Joe,” Waddalski added. “These businesses are still alive and still a community structure.”

For more information on IVCBA, please visit: https://inclinevillagecrystalbay.com/..

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