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Realtor TikToker says her client was outbid on a Charlotte home by $150K

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Recently Ticktaku Became viral about real estate agent clients overpriced Plaza Midwood Home Over $ 100,000.

This house is ours Hot home Featured for $ 585,000 a few weeks ago. It sold for $ 740,000.

Important reason: Charlotte homes are already listed at surprisingly high prices, but many are looking for more homes.

  • Charlotte’s home prices rose 22.1% in April compared to last year. Redfin market data..

The tale of Modern markets are often best communicated through the eyes of the people. please do not Get a house.Member of the National Association of Realtors Maceon McLaken She says she knew that Plaza Midwood’s home would sell fast and advised her clients to offer his best offer.

  • Her client said she bid $ 80,000 higher than the asking price, offered a non-refundable due diligence fee of $ 25,000, and was ready to close within three weeks.
  • Listed agents told them they weren’t even close to the winning bid.
  • Later, when McCracken learned the actual selling price after the store closed, she spoke to TikTok and began to say, “Boy, I got all the latest information.”
  • As of this Wednesday, this video has been viewed 1.7 million times.

What they are saying: The people in the comments section were particularly impressed by the fact that the house has one bathroom.

  • One of Kerri Lance’s favorite comments is: No!!!”
  • McCracken says that not only was the reality a desirable neighborhood home, but the photographs featured fascinating and incredible decorations.

What’s next: Degree of interest It continues to rise and buyers are putting a brake on home buying.

  • according to RedfinIn April of this year, 1,401 homes were sold, compared to 1,490 last year.
  • McCracken’s client is one of many buyers who haven’t bought a dream home yet.
  • “My client is still looking for a home and location is everything,” McLaken said.

Take a look at the virus house:

A large front porch perfect for a rocking chair with a wooden door.

The free-flowing open space can expand the living area.

A built-in bookshelf that doubles as a window bench seat and a comprehensive aisle to the kitchen.

The floor plan of the open kitchen makes it easy to access other rooms.

One bathroom has a charming claw tab surrounded by a white brick shower.

The vaulted ceiling works to expand the space.

A large pergola surrounded by a spacious fence in the backyard.

Photo: Courtesy of Leigh Corso

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