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Real or fake? Tampa Bay listings for half-million dollar homes

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Like Tampa Bay Expanded housing market Evolve like a crazy Pokemon and you may want to peruse the local open house. Or you may be nervously getting into the habit of browsing the real estate list, wondering how long you will be detained in the current situation. Haha, who will do it?

List materializes Ruspirit of the times: “With a little ingenuity, a fifth loan, and years of cohabitation with a contractor named Timmy, you might be 20% closer to your dream home. Pool room!”

Let’s play a game to spend time until the inevitable financial downturn. Your mission is to determine if the list below for homes in the $ 500,000 range is genuine or if I created them. The answer key is at the bottom. Do not cheat unless insignificant rebellion makes you feel alive in a world that avoids your understanding. In that case, please continue.

1. Creative buyers have a lot of opportunities. The kitchen pantry can be transformed into a home office, nursery center, wet bar, reading corner.

2. Paint all over!

3. 5 minutes to the new TESLA FACILITY.

4. Drink coffee while looking at the water surface of the regulating pond from 3 exposures.

5. This is not in the flood zone like most homes in the area.

6. Place, place, place! Only 6 miles from Publics, 12 miles from middle school, 45 minutes drive to restaurants, shops and nightlife.

7. Rehab this cozy home and sit by the pool, break it down and build a dream home in one of South Tampa’s most desirable districts, or build a second home in the property and suite in law Can be used as or a rental opportunity (buyer is advised to do due diligence and check with the city and county exactly what is allowed).

8. The historic scent will take you to another era.

9. Start with the front pouch. Before the hustle and bustle we lived in, there was a front porch. It’s a great place to get together with your neighbors for your favorite drink and relax before dinner.

10. Right next to the highway, the sound of the car invites you to sleep at night. Easy access to the airport!

11. There are tenants that can be maintained as needed and there are no monthly leases.

12. Sold as-is. A major refurbishment is required at a corresponding price.

13. The family room may be the third bedroom. There is a large closet that allows for plenty of storage space. Current owners have used it to hang additional pantry, storage areas, and clothing. The garage washer / dryer used to be in the family room closet … the plumbing is still there, so it’s very easy to put it back.

14. All windows are fully functional, the roof is in place, the floor is horizontal, and termites have recently been eradicated.

15. Guests can easily move around by opening the slider doors and windows during cooler months.

16. This house has a kitchen.

17. And when you have a waste in the garden, don’t worry, there are plenty of receptacles.

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Examine all options

18. The washer and dryer are not transmitted!

19. A neighbor with a big political flag with an F-word is actually a good person.

20. This one-story house in St. Petersburg has a patio.

Key: 1. Fake; 2. Fake; 3.3. Genuine4. Fake; 5.5. Genuine6. Fake; 7. Genuine8. Fake; 9.9. Genuine10. Fake; 11.11. Genuine12.12. Genuine13.13. Genuine14. Fake; 15. Genuine16. Fake; 17.17. Genuine18.18. Genuine19. Fake; 20. Genuine..

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