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Real Estate Summit to Feature Industry Leaders

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Hundreds of members of the real estate community are expected to spend the night of education, networking, mentoring and more at the 5th JCON Real Estate Summit. Full story

Hundreds of members of the real estate community are expected to spend the night of education, networking, mentoring and more at the 5th JCON Real Estate Summit.

The JCON Real Estate Summit is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs across New York City who are interested in taking their real estate career to the next level, and is a valuable resource for attendees to hear and talk to prominent industry leaders. We will provide you with a great opportunity.visit Attendjcon.com Book a spot for more information.

The JCON Real Estate Summit, held at 5 pm on Tuesday, July 12, at Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn, is a joint project of the Jewish Community Council of Marine Parks, a young entrepreneur at Crown Heights, and the Emergency Parnass Initiative. , Designed. To help young entrepreneurs build a foothold in the real estate market.

“Real estate has long been a popular career in the Jewish community and it continues to be a lucrative area with considerable economic rewards,” said Rabbi, director of CHYE. Yehoshua Werde.. “Our mission is always to find and create opportunities to support fledgling entrepreneurs and those who are already starting to succeed in business. CHYE offers additional events to help them along the way. I’m looking forward to doing it. “

The summit begins with an independent session on a speech with an expert trainer working on “how to present yourself in life and negotiation”. Eliezer Blatt.. Panel discussions can be held at the same time from 5:30 pm. From technology, zoning, making money in today’s market, and banking. Speakers and moderators will give presentations and answer questions.Some of our speakers are included EstiReizes-LowenbeinDOB Commissioner Eric Ulrich, David green field, Ronald Hans When Daniel Lombardo From Rockton.

The notable keynote will be held at 7:30. Avi Lebor Kushner’s Morris Bethesh From Meridian Capital, and Joseph Fingerman From the signing bank. With a value of $ 3.6 billion, Kushner continues to grow its domestic real estate profile rapidly. Since its founding in April 1991, the Meridian Capital Group has been one of the most active deal makers in the United States and one of the leading advisors to commercial real estate finance, investment sales and retail leasing in the United States. From personalized banks and credit services to powerful cash management systems and flexible financing for businesses, Signature Bank has reach, experience, knowledge and the capabilities of a major bank.

Other well-known figures in the real estate industry available to participants for speed mentoring and networking during a two-hour buffet dinner David Junic From Pinnacle Realty Emanuel Klein From the peak properties Akiba Carland From the Yellow Jacket Venture Simon Eisikowitz From the cross river Heim Shapiro Who is the mentor on LinkedIn Stephen Beg From Westwood.

Sche RubensteinThe Secretary-General of the Jewish Community Council at Marine Park said the 5th Annual Real Estate Summit would provide participants with an unprecedented opportunity.

“The JCC is proud to sponsor this event and help the next generation learn trade from the best and ideal forms of employment growth,” said Rubenstein.

“Helping to navigate the often confusing mazes of the real industry can be a daunting task and can often seem overwhelming to beginners,” he added. Muddy MendelsonAssistant Executive Director of JCCMP.

“It is invaluable for young entrepreneurs to have a forum where they can get advice, network and answer questions from established industry leaders, and this event will make a big difference in people’s ability to acquire parnasa. I look forward to bringing it, “says Mendelson.

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