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Real Estate Scion Michelle Haruvi Takes Family Battle to Court

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Left to right: Peter Hungerford, Shai Segev, Michelle Halvy (Getty, LinkedIn, Zillow)

Haruvis is no stranger to family drama. Now, a new lawsuit pits her daughter against the remaining members of her real estate clan.

Michelle Halvey, daughter of Arthur Halvey, co-owner of a portfolio of 500 Manhattan apartments, hopes to release books to New York courts about the May deal that rocked her family’s real estate empire. is.

“She counts her money before her parents die.”


She is suing three companies owned by Haruvi for cutting her out of the business after part of her family’s portfolio was sold. Sold to Peter Hungerford’s PH Realty Capital $139 million. The deal allowed Arthur’s brother Abe to buy him for $80 million. lawsuit She submitted last week.

Hungerford sees it as money-making by Michelle Halvey.

He said the lawsuit was a ‘disgusting display of greed’ real“She counts the money before her parents die. I mean, it’s really disgusting.”

Hungerford said the deal, which involved the family’s real estate portfolio, was complicated, but noted that Arthur spent $1.5 million in legal fees to protect the interests of the Harvey family, including Michelle, and several firms. said it had been scrutinized by the attorneys of

A standoff between Prime Minister Abe and Arthur Halvey during the pandemic, which has seen skyrocketing vacancy rates in Manhattan, has brought business to a halt. The brothers couldn’t agree on how to refinance their portfolio debt, and Arthur took Abe to court, alleging financial misconduct.

But the dismantling of Haruvi Holdings dates back to before the pandemic.

Michelle cites meeting with broker in 2019 in lawsuit Shai SegevWorked in Hungerford and was being considered for a managerial position at the Haruvi property.

Michelle’s sister, Irene, tells her that by the end of 2020, Segev, Hungerford, Abe and Arthur are discussing a deal to buy Abe’s ownership and leave Hungerford to manage the family business. I let you know.

However, the details were kept from Michelle. Michelle was adamant about trying to obtain them, causing a new round of family discord. Her mother and sister stopped asking for information. The lawsuit alleges that he repeatedly told her so, and threatened to cut her off from the inheritance.

Michelle, who lived in San Francisco while Abe’s buyout was being negotiated in New York, said the final deal honored discussions she had with her father about her role in managing the family estate. I argue that it wasn’t.

This spring, Michelle learned of a complete restructuring of the Hauvi portfolio, facilitated by Hungerford and Segev. In May, she met her parents in New York, who confirmed the deal but didn’t say anything else, her uncle Abe confirmed the deal later that day.

Michelle continued to seek information, this time from her lawyer, but her mother told her that if she didn’t stop, she would be “evicted” from the family apartment. In September, Michelle received her eviction notice signed by Hungerford.

“She’s being evicted,” Hungerford said. “She has no lease and her family doesn’t want her taking up her $10,000 a month. pieta tail

Michelle Halvey’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment. Arthur Halvey did not respond to a request for comment. Harubi Abe declined to comment.

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