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REAL ESTATE | Pizzeria opening in former Schalla Jeweler building in West Bend, WI

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May 12, 2022 – West Bend, Wisconsin – The building is undergoing a change at 235 Main Street in West Bend, Wisconsin.Location, formerly Shala Jeweler, Transform into a new home Long-established, locally owned, family-owned pizzeria..

“Our plan is to move away from Paradise Plaza,” said Mike Herbert, owner and founder of. Micareno’s Pizzeria.. “I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been looking to buy a building for the last two and a half years, so I don’t have to renew my lease again.

“I looked at several different places, and by the time I found out that the building was for sale, it already had an accepted offer. That’s how much things are. Is it going fast? “

Herbert is currently leasing space at the 1032 Gateway Court in West Bend, Wisconsin. He owns the buildings of Kewascum at 250 Main Street and other stores in Soakville at E. Decora 234.

Micareno’s Pizzeria was launched in 2008 by Mike and Debbie Herbert in 2008. Their family, including four sons Mike, Ryan, Gregg and Daniel, is also involved. “This was our dream. It was to open a family-owned restaurant,” he said. “We brought in other family and friends to ensure the best customer service.”

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“The last thing on my financial bucket list before officially retiring was to leave the business to the kids … but I didn’t have to negotiate debt with the kids,” said the West Bend store. Refer to Herbert said.

“I completely own the other two buildings in my place. I must have seen four or five places in the last six months, but the remodeling didn’t make sense. Then Shara When I saw the location pop up, I said, “I won’t lose this,” so I went the next day and made an offer immediately. “

Micareno’s Pizzeria

Besides buying a building, Herbert’s biggest cost is S. It’s about adding brand new exhaust to the main street parcels. “If you take one out of your current location and try to move it there, it’s probably closed for up to three months and you don’t want to lose your customer’s business,” he said.

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Herbert said the key to making the transition is to move quickly and close in the shortest possible time.

“My best move to ensure turnkey operation is to move last week in December 2022 and open in a new location by January 1, 2023,” he said. Told.

Herbert said he was already closed for two days before and after Christmas and plans to use that time to travel.


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