Home News Real estate investor finds earnings success in ‘early days of biology revolution’

Real estate investor finds earnings success in ‘early days of biology revolution’

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Despite real estate investors fighting the looming recession, employment slows Higher interest ratesOne company has been successful at the “dramatic crossroads” of the biology and technology industries.

“The early days of the biological revolution are here,” Joel Marcus, founder and executive chairman of Alexandria Real Estate Equity, told FOX business Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. “And I think Steve Jobs properly said many years ago that the 21st century would be this dramatic crossroads of technology and life sciences … seeing the combination start in a really great way. I am. “

Alexandria’s founders earn more than expected in the second quarterMorning with Maria“We report 26% year-over-year revenue growth. As a life sciences tenant and leasing industry leader, Marcus has attributed the company’s growth to a technology and biology innovation hub.

“It’s clear that the tech sector is doing so well. Imagine Amazon, Google, Facebook, all these companies over the last 25 years. Many of them want a secure building. For some reason they actually come to our space. We should be trapped in a very standard kind of environment, “Marcus explained. “So we tend to see them a lot.”

Feeling of Commercial Real Estate “Big Impact” “Amide” “Two World Stories”: Experts

However, due to macroeconomic factors such as slowing production and disruption of the supply chain, Slow employment in the technical fieldAccording to a real estate expert.

Joel Marcus, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, said in “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, that Class A commercial buildings are “rare assets.” (Boston Globe / Getty Images via David L. Ryan / Getty Images)

“We have never seen the same from a thousand people [life science] “Remember that tenants have 10,000 known illnesses in humanity. Only about 5% of treatments and treatments actually dealt with them,” Marcus said.

After spending 30 years in the real estate sector, Marcus pointed out how tenants could return by establishing trust throughout their long history.

“They leave highly trained engineers, researchers and lab workers in an environment that is safe, healthy and unable to work in the lab from home,” Marcus said. Mr. says. “I think we were able to get rid of those headwinds in an extraordinary way with our team.”

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State-of-the-art Commercial buildings are hard to come byIn Marcus’s opinion, Alexandria Real Estate seeks a solution.

“Class A buildings on the wonderful hubs of Cambridge, Seattle, New York City, San Diego and San Francisco on the peninsula are truly rare assets,” Marcus pointed out. “So we were able to recycle those assets, profit from them and invest in new ones. I think this is the secret to our success.”

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