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REAL ESTATE | Gary’s Place to offer traditional all-American cuisine

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West Bend, Wisconsin – Someone wraps his arm around you and says, “Please … sit down … take it.” Something to eat.. “

Executive Chef Lou Henschel Cedarburg Gary’s Place, 110 Wisconsin Street, best known at the time as The Binkery. Henschel offers its gentle skill set and promises to present whatever you order with the care of homemade recipes that span multiple generations of the Henschel family tree. You will not be disappointed..
Lou Gary's location
Lemon cake and lemon curd from Ruhenschel

“We will have an all-American menu,” Henschel said. “Macaroni and cheese, pizza, wrap, panini, burgers, really delicious burgers, Rubens … there’s a lot.”

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Typical Henschel dishes are salmon and salmon.

“It’s one of my favorite fish,” he said. “Bread is baked. I like to put various salsa on top of salmon, such as pineapple, jalapeno, strawberries, and watermelon.”

Henschel offers another salmon with mesquite seasoning, which is really nice in almost black and does it with roasted corn and black bean salsa, and a kind of Mexican rice.

Henschel, who taught himself in the kitchen, admits that his mother was intrigued.

“I was the youngest of five children. I was too young to work in the fields, so I stayed at home and peeled potatoes and apples. It was a lot of fun to roll the pie crust. “He said.

A high school home economics class raised in Green Lake, Wisconsin was one of Henschel’s favorites. “We had to make a lemon meringue pie. We got an” A “from Mrs. Brightman,” he explained the white fluffy peaks and golden color of the meringue.

“I was very happy. After graduating, I needed someone to work on the weekends at the Lantern Supperclub in Markesan, Wisconsin, where my mother worked as a cook. The general manager gave me a full-time job. Immediately after giving a job. “

From the ages of 18 to 68, Henschel honed his skills at restaurants in the state, including restaurants in Rhenish Warmblood, Cable and Hayward. Jack Pandles Inn in Whitefish Bay Boulevard Inn in downtown Milwaukee.

“I came from a variety of backgrounds in making almost everything,” Henschel said. “I like to tweak everything in the kitchen. I’m just trying to tell you and make sure all the plates go out consistently.

“That’s the main thing. Consistency, portion size, all that. So people will often say, it was really good. I’ll be back.”

Besides the great menu, Gary’s Place also offers 32 tap beer lines, including 12 independent breweries in the area.

The owner, Gary Beacom, has been working hard behind the scenes to take the restaurant to a higher standard. “I was here in the days of Binkyrie,” he admitted longevity.

Asked about the restaurant’s direction and theme, Bacon said he always had nostalgic memories of his grandmother and her apple pie.

“She made a lot of comfort food and I want people to come here and feel comfortable,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Tim Biloff

Bacon added a unique flair to the restaurant, replacing the black paint and chandeliers with a more homely feel. “We installed new flooring on the second floor and updated the outdoor patio. I think the menu and the cozy atmosphere will bring people back,” he said.

Tim Bilov is the general manager of Gary’s Place. Mr. Birov, who is well known in the Cedarberg region, said he was aware of the possibility.

“We provide great food and great service,” he said. “Consistency is our key and people are back.”

The opening timeline depends on staffing.Click if you are interested in a full-time or part-time job here.. Gary’s Place is being hired..

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