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Real Estate Fund Backed By Goldman Sachs Acquires Entire Community Of 146 Single-Family Homes In Jacksonville, FL

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Real estate investment platform Financing Announced a recent acquisition of 146 rental homes in the Treeline Trail community in Jacksonville, Florida. The purchase was made through a joint venture between two Fundrise-sponsored funds. Fund Rise Interval Fund, Goldman Sachs Group Co., Ltd. (NYSE: GS) Last year we had a $ 300 million credit line, Grow the REIT VII.

The joint venture acquired the community for about $ 55.9 million, and according to Fundrise, about 90% of the home was already occupied at the time of the acquisition.

Unlike Wall Street funds, which buy large portfolios of rental properties nationwide, Fundrise Interval Funds are designed for private investors. Uncertified investor Join for just $ 10 RegA offering..

The company has invested heavily in single-family rental space, especially in the states of Sunbelt, such as Florida. So far in 2022, Fundrise has purchased at least 467 detached homes in Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and Las Vegas.

The latest portfolio information on the latest acquisitions posted on the Fundrise website states: Over the past decade, a wide range of American groups, from millennial to retired, have participated in northern-souther migration, driving continued demand for affordable and well-located real estate and disciplined investors. We support stable profits. “

The Jacksonville Home Community was obtained from Renewal of the main streetConstruction was completed in the community in December 2021. The community consists of 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes, each with its own garage and fenced garden.

According to the data from RedfinThe value of a Jackson Building house has increased by 25.5% year-on-year. Housing tide With the addition of 15,300 households in the last 12 months, rents in the region have increased by 20.4% year-on-year.

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Photo: Provided by Fundrise

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