Home News Real Estate developers Increased Hurricane Ian’s Devastation in Florida, according to News Report

Real Estate developers Increased Hurricane Ian’s Devastation in Florida, according to News Report

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Hurricane Ian hit Florida and Carolina last week, at least 94 in FloridaWhen 4 dead in North CarolinaWinds of 150 miles per hour and extreme storm surges blew buildings, flooded homes and lost power. Hundreds of thousands of homes.

Even without human intervention (climate change aside), Category 4 storms would have been devastating.However new report from GristIt is a non-profit climate journalism organization.

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For as long as we can remember, the Florida coastline has been protected from violent storms by mangroves and well-drained wetlands. But as oceanfront real estate has overheated, so has the demand to clear conservation resources and build buildings dangerously close to water.

According to the new build Grist, Direct placement of tens of thousands of homes On the trail of hurricane destruction.

“You have a natural wetland,” said Stephen Strader, an associate professor at Villanova University who studies the social forces behind disasters. Grist“The main function of these areas is to protect the inland areas from storm surges, etc. You are building on top of them and replacing them with subdivisions and housing. What do we see?” are you expecting?

according to Grist, the heart of Florida’s development problem lies in a strategy called “dredge-and-fill.” Basically, developers dig land from the bottom of rivers and swamps and pile it up to build artificial land.

The problem is that when storms hit, there are no rivers or swamps to protect. But to make matters worse, homes face the water, which puts them at greater risk.

And unfortunately what we know Black Community For Hurricane Relief Often times, after a disaster strikes, you have to fend for yourself.

As climate change makes severe storms more deadly and common, it’s worth watching stories like this one that provide a clear path on how to protect yourself from the ever-growing problem of climate change. .

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