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Real estate agent’s ‘outrageous’ email to landlords

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A well-known real estate firm has defended a strategy encouraging landlords to Slag tenants with high rentsays it can squeeze an extra $10,000 a year out of renters in some cases.

According to a marketing email from Ray White’s West End branch in Brisbane, obtained by 7 News, the company’s property manager recommended an average 17% rent increase for leases renewed in October and November. I’m here.

An average rent increase of 20% or more is recommended for lease renewals in December.

“This could be as high as $10,000 a year in additional rental income,” read the leaked email.

Brisbane is battling a record low vacancy rate of 0.7%.Source: Getty

“Interestingly, most tenants agree with rent increases because they understand that rents are fair and reasonable when looking at what is available in the rental market. ”

However, the CEO of Tenants Queensland slammed the remarks as “real estate agents are telling themselves to feel a little better by pushing up rents”.

“People have to agree to this outrageous and opportunistic rent increase because they fear being homeless,” Penny Carr told Yahoo News Australia.

“What we see over and over again is that these rent increases have a notice to move out if you don’t agree. It is placed on the

Greens slam strategy, call for rent freeze

Green Party housing and homeless spokesperson Max Chandler Matthew said the call for rent increases was a “flagible price gouging.”

“The exorbitant profits Ray White is encouraging are a perfect example of why we need a two-year freeze on rent increases nationwide,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

“When we look Family sleeping in car or tent With a severe shortage of affordable housing, it’s disgusting to see real estate agents treating this as a cash opportunity. ”

Letter to landlord from Ray White's real estate agent.

A letter from Ray White’s real estate agent to his landlord urged them to raise the rent. Source: Seven News

State government calls for ‘compassion’ from landlords

But state opposition parties say renters shouldn’t blame landlords and estate agents for rising prices while Brisbane fights. Record low vacancy rate 0.7 percent.

“They should blame the Queensland government,” Tim Mander told Yahoo News Australia.

“The only reason this happens is because there are not enough houses. This is the result of poor policies by the Queensland Labor Government.”

When asked about what they are doing to address the state’s crisis, the Community and Housing Minister told Yahoo News Australia that this week’s Housing Summit will bring together a wide range of major industry groups, non-government providers and private sector interests. He said he was consulting with officials.

“At a time of unprecedented pressure on the entire housing system, it is appalling to see a handful of real estate companies announce significant rent increases,” Leeanne Enoch said.

“I urge compassion on the part of realtors and property owners,” she said.

Leigh White West End branch in Brisbane.

Ray White says he was embroiled in a shootout because of the state’s poor housing policies. Source: Google Maps

Ray White says Queensland government is to blame

Amidst the war of words, Ray White stands behind the email, stating, “It’s the realtor’s role to communicate market conditions to clients so they can make informed decisions.” I’m here.

“It’s our responsibility,” CEO Jason Andrew told Yahoo News Australia.

“We accept that this is an emotional issue and we do not pretend it is not, and we are unambiguous about our tenants’ needs.

“We feel our business has been caught in the crossfire due to poor housing policies in the state government.

“In fact, there are not enough houses for people to rent. This is the real problem.”

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