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Purchase This Texas Property And Get A $380,000 Mustang

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When it comes to real estate, there are always provisions and contractual agreements that complicate matters. These are usually not in the buyer’s favor as the sellers are trying to make the most profit from their sale. As the value of current business assets is skyrocketing in Texas, this only drives the market to allow sellers an edge. Unless you’re looking at a business property at 3216 Kellway Drive in Carrollton, Texas, this is all true. The Purchase of this property At the regular price, Mustang benefits have been added to allow the gearhead to quickly sign the dotted line.

The real estate environment in Texas has changed significantly in recent years as more companies have decided to move to Texas. My wife and I, who are Texas myself, often see betting at list and sale prices as a means of fun. The numbers are easy to guess, but it was unthinkable to imagine what would be included in the post-purchase property, except for monthly payments and occasional torts. To seduce potential buyers, the seller of this business property has decided to offer an incentive of $ 380,000 in the form of a car.

Located just north of Dallas, Texas, the property boasts 68,325 square feet of high-quality, high-traffic space on 5.37 acres. Today, the property is already 100% sold and ready for a 10-year leaseback. More importantly, if you are willing to pay the full amount, you will be given the key to the 1967 Mustang Eleanor, officially licensed from the hit movie “Gone In 60 Seconds”.


The details of this Mustang are limited, Original dealer He informed me that it had a huge 427 cubic inch powerhouse under the hood and a Ford 9 inch rear end behind it.Tap all this horsepower and the suspension has been upgraded to Detroit speed With front suspension Ride Tech Coil over and 4-link rear. To slow down this fastback, a set of front 6-piston brakes is paired with a 4-piston rear caliper. Therefore, instead of considering this property as a $ 20 million purchase, consider it as a free acquisition of $ 380,000 in valued assets.

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