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Portland residents say they are moving because of homeless

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North Portland’s rampant homeless problem is reportedly causing residents to flee the city.

Real Estate Broker Lauren Iaquinta told KGW8 She has seen an increase in residents packing up and heading to the suburbs. homeless camp Located on the nearby Peninsula Crossing Trail.

A homeless man sleeps in the sun during a heat wave in Portland.
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North Portland
Residents mention uncomfortable situations they endure leaving their homes.
Abigail Drins / STATESMAN JOUR
North Portland
A “safe parking” zone for the community’s growing homeless population.
Getty Images/George Rose
Lauren Iaquinta
Real estate broker Lauren Iaquinta has confirmed a significant increase in residents leaving the area.

“You can drive through North Portland and be in this nice area with no problems, and you can turn the corner and there’s a homeless camp,” she said. “It’s kind of sad. I think she’s been doing this for 10 years here in Portland, and it’s changed a lot.”

Iaquinta said she needs to scrutinize the area when selling her home because her clients don’t want to live there near homelessShe did not cite any data on people moving for homeless camps.

“Most people don’t have to worry if they can leave their car parked in the driveway overnight,” she said. “It’s a pretty tough subject.”

According to the mayor’s office, 6,000 homeless people In the Portland area, many believe the numbers are actually much higher.

Resident Greg Dirks near the camp “I don’t feel so good living here,” he said when he saw homeless people near his home along the Peninsula Crossing Trail.

“It makes life in the neighborhood difficult and as unfriendly as possible,” he told KGW8, noting that the encampment was ruining the area. ”

Another resident, Mark Smith, said he was afraid to walk alone or tend to the garden because he shares a backyard with the camp.

“Every day, going from one end of the street to the other, we face very difficult situations. People are in a really dire situation,” he said.

But a homeless neighbor told The Location Station that residents’ fears were exaggerated.

North Portland
In North Portland, homelessness is on the rise in the city.
portland community
According to the mayor’s office, there are about 6,000 homeless people in the city.
homeless in north portland
One resident shares his backyard with the camp.
homeless in north portland
Residents fear their cars will be broken into due to the growing homeless population.

“We are the most harmless people you will ever meet,” said TT Sanchez, who lives on the trail.

“What shouldn’t they scare us for, because we live outside? So, even if you lived in four walls and a house or something, would that scare us?” Sanchez continued.

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