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PNC selling 3 Birmingham properties, including the Daniel Building, plans to increase headquarters

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Danielville of PNC as seen by Alabama children. (Nathan Watson / Birmingham Now)

The tallest tower in Birmingham, south of the rail reservation, Danielville is for sale by PNC along with two other properties.

according to BBJ, PNC will sell the former BBVA Homewood Administration Center at 401 West Valley Ave. and the Brock Center annex at 3317 Sixth Ave. S. The total price of these properties is Graham & Co..

Danielville, 283 feet high, was the headquarters of BBVA, which was acquired by PNC in 2021.

Additional details

Birmingham skyline from Alabama children. (Nathan Watson / Birmingham Now)

Graham & Co. Here are the statistics for the three properties confirmed by:

  • Danielville: Opened in 1970, the 316,404 sq ft building is 19 stories high and has a multi-storey car park for 390 cars. Additional Bonus: Adjacent to the Rotary Trail.List price: $ 16 million
  • Former Homewood Management Center: Listed for $ 5.5 million, the I-65 easily accessible building is 74,160 square feet and has 546 ground parking spaces.
  • Block Center Annex: 3.88 acres, 15,922 square feet of space with 215 parking spaces.List price $ 1.85 million

Increase PNC headquarters

PNC sells properties, but is expanding its footsteps in Alabama.

In a statement sent by PNC to BhamNow, the bank states that it has tripled its regional headquarters space in Magic City.

The Alabama market is important to PNC’s growth and is one of its top markets, so we continue to invest and grow here. We are committed to the employees who live and work in Alabama and Alabama. As part of the usual course of assessing PNC’s real estate portfolio, PNC continually analyzes optimal facility usage based on several factors, including building and space conditions, occupancy, and business needs. increase. Based on an analysis of PNC’s current office properties in the Birmingham area, PNC has decided to sell Block Annex at 6 Danielville, 15 20th Street south of downtown Birmingham.th Homewood Administration Centers on Avenue South and 401 West Valley Avenue are for sale.

These buildings have been on the market for several months. This real estate decision does not affect the employment status of PNC’s local workforce. PNC is currently maintaining space in both one federal building and block center in downtown Birmingham, where banks have tripled their regional headquarters space. Birmingham is also one of PNC’s regional technology and innovation hubs. Birmingham-based employees who have worked remotely continue to have the flexibility to work.

Nick Willis, PNC Regional President of Northern and Central Alabama, added:

“As a result of the transformation of BBVA USA, we have grown our business dramatically in the market, especially the expansion of One Federal, emphasizing our commitment to maintain our downtown presence. Birmingham It’s an important market for PNC and we will continue to grow our business here and invest in its success. “

Second iconic building for sale

The sale of Daniel Building is Birmingham’s second iconic building on the market this summer. last week, Pijits It was put on the market.

What’s next? stay tuned.

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